The Crumbled Chamberlain.

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Prenerf crumble bundle sign-in during primetime on stormrage

Ha ha... an entertaining quest to be certain...

Damn guy pissed me off with his taunts... I almost abandoned the

Good stuff.

Edit: I just wish I could respond to his verbal jabs... oh that would be even more fun.
If it's getting hotfixed to not teleport around randomly, then I can honestly feel kinda proud that I got the Crumble Bundle achievement (on Stormrage, no less) before this occurred....hardmode style! =D

But to be quite honest, thank god for this...I had never encountered a situation besides pre-5.2 rare spawns where you physically despised the mere presence of other people due to limited resources before x.x
I'm glad it got fixed. I figured as much when I completed it yesterday and noticed it seem to not move for the conga line of players behind me. And I was able to get it in 10 minutes, so yay that, heh.
Did it last night was not hard, it was actually fun blizz making a quest where you have to wall jump lol.
I liked doing it....once.

I don't see myself doing the quest more than once though and I don't see myself doing it on alts.
You forgot to continue the thought, "and fixed it so that you don't have to". The respawn time is relatively quick. ;)

It really doesn't matter how "quick" it is, when it happens so randomly and at such hard to get locations that it may as well have a 10 years respawn timer.

Not only that, but the damn map puts an indicator for the item that points to nothing. These markers are also a source of confusion, so either remove them or turn them into a zone marker.

I'm currently suffering through this insufferable quest, only because my OCD will not allow me to abandon it. Rest assured next time I see that head lying around, I'm going to punt it into the sea.
Is bar none the most idiotic and annoying quest to date in this expansion.

It's the most fun I've had on the island and it's only possible because they made the excellent choice to not allow flying on the island.

Wall climbing and jumping and wracking my brain to figure out where they even are is what fun is.

They really need to add more quests like this, it's just really hard to get that old "How am I going to get to that Iron Deposit" puzzle solving vibe with flying available in most of the world.

Aside from getting to run around as a Saurok, this is my favorite new quest so far.
When I found this quest, I liked it, noticed the head whispering insults and lol'd. Found the first piece in Court of Bones? On the roof of one of the buildings. Mini map showed the gear. Thought it was a static spawn. Then saw the gear in the Saurok area, tried jumping but of course the Saurok jump is massive and hard to gauge and overshot. Tried to circle back around and the gear disappeared. Realized then it was a random spawn and went hunting through the map. Saw another one and couldn't figure out how to get up. Then it disappeared as someone else looted. Finally saw a third and scrambled to get it before anyone else could.

I find it ironic, after Blizz's "we don't want players resenting questing/doing dailies with other players, competing for quest spawns" they put in a new quest that does EXACTLY that.

You forgot to continue the thought, "and fixed it so that you don't have to". The respawn time is relatively quick. ;)

Is the shoulder actually in game now?
I found almost no difficulty even on high pop to complete quest in 7 minutes last night after raid post hotfix.

Maybe YOU can with your class, dragging all the mobs with you to all four points of the isle. Lizard area could be quick if you figured out the exact rock jumping spots. The tent roof one wasn't hard after killing the mobs actively beating on me (not much of a platformer when you just step over). The torso was just lying on the ground in the Court. But the hair was in a tent in the dino area, behind a big dude that I had to kill - after all the guards/patrols.

No way I can do that in <10min. Do you think it counts in a group?

Anyway, exalted with the faction so no need to do those dailies anymore. Maybe for valor or just going with guildies/friends. No more body parts for me! (Thought the chamberlain is all smiley when you're done so it makes you feel good about the effort. =)
Good news, we're applying a hotfix to address the Crumbled Chamberlain pieces respawn. It should be in after this morning's restarts. Pieces will then spawn in the same locations for that day, but will change locations the following and so on. This way, if someone snags the piece you're going for, it's not going to jump to a new location. You'll still be able to get it.

1) Thank you
2) the real problem is having resources and quest items having to be fought over by others. MMOs should encourage wanting others around. Other players is clearly a bad thing in WoW daily land and always a good thing in GW2. On TI day one, I had someone heroic leap to get a potion I was 1 meter away from. /sigh So it will be frustrating when a line forms and someone jumps it.
3) seems like something you could have anticipated prior to releasing it
4) Regardles, Thank you
When I first picked it up, I thought *cool* so I ran around trying to find pieces and like the OP they were either not there or in odd places that were hard to reach, and the whole time I am being trolled by a head in my bag which I found extremely annoying.

I looked at the prize for completing, said *meh* so I dumped it. *shrug*
Since it only pays a small amount of gold and gives no buffs, rep or valor points doing it is nothing but a mindless waste of time anyway.
I overall found it irritating because I assumed they would be easy then I thought the quest was broken because they would disappear. Once someone clued me in, I thought, hey its like a treasure hunt where you gotta get the bag before someone else, kind of competitive, a new flavor for a solo quest. Blizzard should not be afraid to experiment with new playstyles like this.

They are forcing us together in these new dailies and I like it, rares killing, group quests, making enemies by taking someones quest item.

Actually I hate what Blizzard has done as it was fun to run around on a hunt now its more like a bunch of queues will form, oh I am third in line ok I will loot it now my turn. Meh.
Actually I hate what Blizzard has done as it was fun to run around on a hunt now its more like a bunch of queues will form, oh I am third in line ok I will loot it now my turn. Meh.

You know, it's not really the fact that it despawns that annoys me; I don't really care that I have to go looking for it somewhere else; i don't even mind that I have to figure the best way to get to that spot. What REALLY bothers me is the presence of a stupid marker on my minimap, a marker pointing nowhere.

Now, if the marker was a zone marker, then I wouldn't even mind either; but it isn't, and THAT bothers me.
Thank you for a fun quest, am glad I got it done before the nerf, i realize you have to cater to the "gimme free loot" crowd, its a shame.

Not everyone finds the same type of thing fun that you do. Thus, chocolate and vanilla ice cream can coexist. I think it would be nice if people like you could let people with different opinions and different ideas of fun coexist without the name calling and bashing.

This quest is not the type of thing I find fun. I probably won't do it even now that it's been fixed, though I do appreciate the fact that blizzard does listen sometimes.
03/21/2013 11:21 AMPosted by Omegal
Boooo. It was a lot of fun running for those spawns of this guy. It was such simple and fun competition.

You obviously didn't try to do achievement on high pop server pre hotfix. Post hotfix the achievement is 100x easier now though. Very good hotfix indeed.

Do they have to despawn at all? I appreciate the change, but I still don't understand why they can't just be a static lootable object that changes every day. Doesn't this still encourage spawn camping and hoping you are the first one to click (and have the lowest latency)?

that is what it is now. the hotfix made it so each day, the spawn points are random but static for that whole day. Dave explained it in his tweet in greater detail. Also, when you loot it, it doesn't despawn for several seconds so several can loot it within a certain time frame. The respawn is also pretty quick too. I found almost no difficulty even on high pop to complete quest in 7 minutes last night after raid post hotfix.

Thanks for explaining it better than the original Blue post.
nothing wrong with a jumping puzzle here and there.

That's what I've tried telling people griping about it. Mind you, I won't do it because trying to find the exact part of a terrain to jump at stuff is not something I'm good at - even a little - but for those that are good at it or want to have fun trying, it really is a great little puzzle they put in.

My own post about this, I just pointed out they finally put something fun in for those terrain-glitchers and wall-walkers that used to climb buildings in Goldshire and find their way into forbidden areas. I think it's a great idea. Glad they changed the way it spawns, though - I can see how seeing it, seeing someone else get it, then having to find it someoplace else was a bit much.
Watch out, guys. You might have to almost think during parts of this quest. Not for the faint of heart.

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