dont vote kick ret healers....

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I have not Q'ed as heals in the dungeon finder but for Pemades and guild groups yes.

Ret Tanking is awesome! (stam food/flask)
Ret healing can be LOADS of fun. (STR over haste)
Hi guys, I am one of the few monks I see in LFR/LFD that eminence heals which functions very similarly to battle healer ret healing. Don't look at my armory, I logged out in my terrible WW set >.< but my MW set is ilvl 493 and I easily top dps in LFDs with no one dieing. In LFR last night I was queued as dps in nightmare to get the fist wep off the empress and the heals (and dps) were absolutely horrendous on the first boss. So I quietly went MW, only dps'd (dropped my statue after the pull so I wouldn't get booted), destroyed the healing meter and did over 100k dps (the aoe at the beginning of that fight is just awesome with the BoK cleave). But anyways people need to realize that there are different ways to skin a cat and if someone has the skill/gear to fulfill a role in a more unique, dynamic and (frankly) efficient way, then let them try.

I will say that a lot of bad ret's try to ret tank and it just doesn't work out for them. I'm saying like not ever putting righteous fury up bad. I've had amazing ret tanks who had no problems and I've had ret tanks in heroics I couldn't keep up spamming huge single target heals. All comes down to skill and gear.

tl;dr give people thinking outside the box a chance
If I'm not dying and you're not yelling at me and calling me names then frankly I don't care if the healer is a rogue with bandages. I'm a happy guy.

Many bad LFD experiences has made may standards low. Are you actively torturing me and making life miserable? No? Welcome group mate!
All the naysayers are a bunch of jealous control freaks who either lack the skill to do this, or think it's "unfair" so I wont let you do it.

Said with all the derp of the sort of person that validates the naysayers doubt of the maturity and capability of Ret healers. Atta boy.

Again, random dungeons are not the place for people to test out healing in DPS specs. You can easily get together four other people and run it as a healer. Use your guild. Use your friends. Use trade and PUG out your intention of Ret healing to amaze your server. But just dropping into the jaded LFD queue and expecting everyone there to patiently give you a free pass while you make the painful experience of LFD potentially longer and more irritating?

There's a reason you keep getting booted.

Now, if I log into a LFD and someone announces "Hey guys, I'm going to try my Ret spec for healing. If I can't keep up or anyone dies as a result, I'll switch to Holy to get this thing done." I might be inclined to let him try out of appreciation for the heads up and the knowledge that we're not going to lemming off into the graveyard pull after pull because his offspec is Protection (or Retribution again).

However, someone just tries to ninja in and manage it, chances are I'll go for the boot. I have little patience for LFD in the first place, and I have none for people just trying to queue-hop.

In summation, feel free to do one of the three following to avoid booting:

1) Roll a Holy Spec.
2) Be honest and upfront in the beginning about what you're attempting.
3) Avoid LFD and just dungeon with your own crew.
Ultimately it doesn't matter who queues as long as the job gets done, preferably quickly.

If people would rather wait forever for a bad tank or a bad healer than run with a competent ret filling either of those roles, they are foolish and deserve whatever fail may come.

It's silly that players are so desperate for control that they would kick a good player doing a good job just because they're doing it in an unorthodox way.

Call me crazy, but i would rather spend 5 extra min in Q and get a dedicated tank/healer. If you want to tank off spec tank, if heals off spec heals. There is NO reason you should be in Q as heals or tank when in ret spec.

Ret can heal great if you have battle healer(glyph) & selfless heals(talent) & have good enough haste but tanking on the other hand, is pretty bad due to the amount of healing that's require to keep them alive.
Nice, more general advice that should apply to everyone.
I should try this sometime. I don't need healers in Prot to finish a 5-man, so healing in Ret isn't far-fetched at all since Glyph of the Battle Healer is simply amazing along with the rest of our healing utility.
Hmm, this is making me think maybe I SHOULD start hitting LFD before gearing up further... I kind of want to see a Ret-healer keep me up for a full dungeon, and see if I can keep threat off them! :)
If you're so amazing why are you doing 5 mans?
Kinda reminds me of the old days of priest's "smite healing." Not only was it viable when it first was discovered, it made the run soooo much faster. Dunno if it's still any good tho.. but same concept.

Wow. Why do any of you guys care what anyone else does? I mean, he is talking about healing 5 mans, who fn cares about them?

But, god forbid someone do something that YOU don't approve of, right?

Gentlemen, this is a game. And if you were paid to play, or was pushing any serious anything, then you wouldn't be in a pug. So it wouldn't matter, right? And omg, a wipe in a 5 man??!?!

You guys have it so much easier than it used to be anyways. Let warriors heal if they can, and enjoy it. The best runs I have ever been in there was multiple deaths, wipes, close calls, they were struggles. It used to be like that. I played a surv hunter in bc and I used to trap THREE mobs during pulls. Interrupted, dropped aggro. While dpsing and protecting the healer. You kids nowdays couldn't even hold a candle to players back then. I have yet to see a sheep in current 5 mans.
If you're so amazing why are you doing 5 mans?

Let me introduce you to this new system called "Valor."
I actually hate doing 5 mans and getting a 'dedicated healer'. I much prefer when I get a fistweaving monk, disc priest or a hybrid (ret) throwing off-heals from time to time.

It depends on the gear of the tank and the gear of your group though. Blood DKs, BrM and Prot Paladins can pretty much solo instances in full DPS gear with little to no heals.

I wouldn't kick the OP.

I have made it a point to sit around and do nothing waiting for the kick timer to come up if somebody complains about something trivial though. Yes I am petty but you deserve it for complaining that I pull too much in an instance that I can solo. Enjoy getting kicked on the last boss!
Can you confirm that Battle Healer is working for Retribution now? Pre 5.2 it didn't work. I haven't tried it since.

I've been using Battle Healer for kicks since 5.0, and it's always worked for me.
Wrong forum, you're preaching to the choir here.

Of course most people are going to be skeptical and not want to have to deal with something that they don't know works, it just takes gear, confidence, and a little luck to get groups to shut up and experience the fastest run they will ever have.
I should try this sometime. I don't need healers in Prot to finish a 5-man, so healing in Ret isn't far-fetched at all since Glyph of the Battle Healer is simply amazing along with the rest of our healing utility.

Exactly. I know know how i'm que'ing up for my daily LFD tomorrow. Ohh...maybe I'll do LFR and grab some healing gear to help my main raid out.
ITT: People that think you need a healer for this expacs "heroic" dungeons.

Here's a tip, you could 4 dps 1 tank them in 463 blues. You could probably 5 dps them at 490 if you wanted to. And any half decent hybrid (ret, balance, shadow, elemental) can play off-heals as long as the group isn't full blow retarded and stands in everything.
im a healer, so i never had the chance to see a ret healer in action, but heroics are really easy, so, sounds viable.
Im actually very curious now and i may actually give it a try. What about raids? affect your Dps much? im thinking in 2-heals fights. More info plz!
For the OP:
start as holy and before first boss :
"hey guys, this tank is awesome and you barely need heals. You want me to go hybrid heals to make this faster?"
For the OP:
start as holy and before first boss :
"hey guys, this tank is awesome and you barely need heals. You want me to go hybrid heals to make this faster?"

Agreed. I was in dg with a druid tank and 3 out of 5 were LFR geared, so he decided to go boomkin instead and I tank with RF up ( or course with the dps threat).

Fastest LFD valor of the week.

No one dies, healer isnt complaining. I see no problem.

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