When is Rockbiter weapon ever used?

Is there ever a practical situation where rockbiter is a good idea? I know that you can take less damage with it on, and that you could use it defensively, but come on, does anybody ever actually do this? Also, when would shamans ever want to increase their threat (also a part of rock biter)?
As far as threat increase goes, just about never. I have seen healers use it on PvE enemies to peel whatever add is wrecking their healing target's health away from them. The 4 or 5 seconds that it takes for the add to run to the healer, the fixate falls off, and runs back to the tank. It ultimately buys 8 to 10 seconds to catch up on healing / resources.

I have used it in a raid setting to taunt the boss away from my mage friend, so that he can safely invis when we are wiping.

If you took Unleashed Fury, you can use it to stack defensive cool downs. With UF:R, Astral Shift, Shamanistic Rage, and Stoneskin, you can take about 85% reduced damage. Thats pretty huge, plus being able to cast during it.

As far as 30% threat goes, if you're trying to off tank an add with your mail gear, (such as the Strength in Will of the Emporers) you can keep threat over either dot classes or mild dps.
I've used it on Will of the Emporer as well.
I use it occasionally to taunt adds out of aoe for re-CC- though other stellar performers also tend to stun them at the same time thus being counter productive....
If I could justify using Unleashed fury and swapping imbues to unleash earth I would use it for garalon crushes, feng arcane thingies, elegon add's exploding, jin'rokh lightning storms, and foreseeable oops situations. Sadly... i'm not awesome enough to still do good dps while juggling imbues and using non-flame unleashes.

Really do wish I could use it more, the most use it sees from me is when i'm tanking old content.
In pvp it's not always a bad idea to put it on your offhand and Unleash it on a nearby off-target before the Rogue pops up. Can save you from getting instantly burned by the Rogues opener.
I think it only protect you from the damage done by the person you unleashed on. So the rogue still should do same damage.
i use unleashed fury in 2s as ele sometimes vs certain comps like hunter rogue or some other form of mongoloid double dps with heavy damage. 40% dmg reduction is pretty decent with an unleash from rock biter imbue, also gives a pretty decent buff to lava burst damage vs those comps when u arent taking damage...or u can swap frostbrand and get a sprint.
Also, why are people so upset about 30% threat increase? When tanks get 500% threat increase, you'd have to be doing a boatload more damage than the tank in order to get attention from the mob. The threat increase is basically void.

Regardless, Rockbiter is more of a pvp enchant, and one that is almost ignored. I've seen petitions to have imbues taken off the GCD (I've petitioned as well), but that's not going to happen according to Holinka.

Anyways... Rockbiter is decent if you're running UF and have the time to swap your imbue before some burst comes in. 40% reduced damage for 5s every 15s is pretty decent, only Rogues have something better in direct comparison (Feint).
Only time I have used it for threat is to pull an add off a healer or someone who couldn't necessarily kite at the moment, but that was a long time ago. Most recently used it on Dark Animus to keep my add attached to me when the other dps swap to it. Had a few issues where someone nuked it a little early and pulled it away from me.
I used it doing my TB dailies in Cata. I'd use the taunt to pull just the ghost dwarves, kill 'em and then the ghost orc would leash back. While just about any damage would focus the dwarf on a player there was a chance that it would also kill the dwarf too close to the spawn point and then to loot him you'd have to fight the orc too.

Honestly though, it was no big deal to fight both at once and I was only using rockbiter this way because it was a gimmick and one of the only times I had a "use" for it.
Does anyone have a macro for switching out weapon imbues only on their offhand weapon?

I would much rather switch my offhand to Rockbiter quickly to unleash for 40% reduction than my mainhand's Windfury. Then switch back to Frostbrand after I unleash.

Does anyone have a macro for switching out weapon imbues only on their offhand weapon?

I would much rather switch my offhand to Rockbiter quickly to unleash for 40% reduction than my mainhand's Windfury. Then switch back to Frostbrand after I unleash.


Wanting our class mechanics to not be old and clunky? Madness!
Pre-nerf, they were super useful for taunting Warbringers off jerks who were trying to reset...other than that never used it before
I used to use Rockbiter on Ultraxion trash.

It would taunt a dragon to me, but more importantly it would cause that dragon to *stop breathing fire*. Day to day, it doesn't get used for me, only when there's a raid mechanic like that that needs someone attention to be drawn, like the spiders in firelands you had to taunt down from Beth'tilacs web.

Kinda like Distracting Shot for a hunter, only without the personal FD cooldown to ditch the aggro when you're done.

It's a leftover relic from the days of shammytanks, in my book.
When you are bored in farm content, or in LFRs, and you want to ping pong bosses to make tanks do the monkey scratch for a while.
All the time in PVP for the passive DR.
In PvP, versus warriors mainly.

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