[A]10m<Dsylxeic> 6/13H LF Lock/Balance/Ele

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Dsylxeic is a 10 man heroic-focused Alliance guild located on Drenden (EST, PvE server). We are currently 6/13 heroic Throne of Thunder. Prior to 5.2, we were 6/6 heroic Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 heroic Heart of Fear, and 4/4 heroic Terrace of Endless Spring. We pride ourselves on having a long, rich history with consistent success throughout the many expansions WoW has come to offer us.

Noticeable highlights:
-Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear (US 10 man ranked 35)
-Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer (US 10 man ranked 13)
-Realm First Heroic Will of the Emperor (US 10 man ranked 36)

We raid 4 nights a week from 8:30pm until 12am server time (EST) on Mon-Wed and either Sun or Thurs.

Apply at:

You can also send Celdrid a private message on our website after signing up, the notification goes directly into his inbox!

You can also contact an officer in-game on US-Drenden:
Celdrid, Selmak, or Toxiel

We are currently recruiting an elemental shaman and/or balance druid with a resto off spec. Any exceptional applicants will be considered.

My Real ID is Solid#1809 .
Celdrid's is Celdrid#1865
BattleTag: Celdrid#1865
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