female green whelp name?

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hi i looking for a female name for my green whelp pet thats female anyone have any ideas? im looking for something that fits lore i read on wow wiki that female greens names usaully end in RA, for the life of me i cant think of a name lol...
Kimbra, Shimra, Zynra, Mystra, Xilra, Dymra, Phoshra, Whaz-Ra
Shinra, Lyra, Psyra (sigh - ra), Lora, Xira, Kora
Liura ( leeu - rah ), Benera, Ysera ( hah )
Esmera, Jadiera, Mossira...
entra, belvra, hesra?
The only one I can come up with is Elsira.


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