capacitor totem fail

Dear Blizzard. I am probably not the only one who complain about it but, seriously; Do you really find the capacitor totem fun to play? the totem is awesome I love it, the only thing is HOW do we use it? I mean for PVE its fine, since all you have to do is pack up the trash and throw the capacitor on the floor and its done. Because the trash mob don't move if the tank don't.
But For PVP its a mess. we have to drop it and figure out where the enemy will be in 5 sec ( if its not one shotted with the mighty 5 hp) plus you have to figure out wher in the 4 points it will drop, its only 8 yrd radius. So if I drop the capacitor and wait 2-3 GCD and move it near the target I want to stun assuming I have totemic projection, every time I need to xfingers that the totem will be in the 8 yrd of the target and hope he wont move.

Over all its successful only 1 out of 5-6 drop. Do you think you can get some new mechanics?, like free droping ( not in 4 corner ) something we can drop and detonate when we feel its good to detonate? something that we don't have to enticipate where the enemy will be >? it is SO RANDOM..
They'll look at it after rogues don't need to use their second stun to kill us.
It should be like a fists of fury mechanic, but less dumb.

You should drop the Capacitor totem and it instantly has a ring of lightning surrounding it that stun's any enemy's in or go into it for 5 seconds. But can still be killed witch would end the effect.

The capacitor totem glyph could stun the target who killed the totem for 3 seconds or something.

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