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OK - complete noob here - I just started playing Wow and I have the quest where I have to "Toss the Gunpowder Keg on top of the Horrid Abominations" - how do you do that?? I have picked up four gunpowder kegs and can click on them and then the monster but nothing happens - so how do I "toss" the kegs?? I have tried all sorts of keyboard & mouse combinations but nothing works.
I'm not familiar with the quest, but have you tried left-click on the abomination and right-click on the keg inside your bag?
Do as Marani suggested but you must also get within 10-20 yards as well. If you are too far away, nothing will happen. Just get closer untill the highlight around the keg changes.

Oh, and make sure to of course collect the kegs by clicking them to put into your bags.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! That worked! I had just about given up.
what ever you do, dont drop the gun powder keg in the prison bathroom

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