LFR Queue Issues

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I understand that LFR is going to have some quirks just because of what it is, and how it is designed. However, I think the queue system could be reworked a bit. It can be very frustrating, particularly for damage dealers that have long queue times.
For instance, I just waited half an hour on my mage to join Terrace. The queue pops up, and the raid is on the last boss. Happens all the time, and I have to queue again to get the other ones. Whatever. It's part of LFR, so I deal with it.
However, they have pulled before I join the raid, so I am automatically booted out and sitting where I queued. Now they are fighting the boss, and I can't even get in (can't zone in during combat). Assuming they are not going to wipe, I now have to drop, wait half an hour, then wait another half hour of queue time again.
At the very least, please make it so that players just coming in can at least teleport to the dungeon mid-fight. Otherwise, it's a very long and frustrating wait time, especially if you are working with limited play time in the first place.

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