professions from scratch advice

i have a lvl 80 premade priest i want to play. i CANT STAND leveling professions...but i am hearing that tailoring/inscription would be SUPER cheap and easy. is this true?
Inscription would be cheap to level—around a few thousand gold, which is the cheapest except for alchemy. Tailoring is one of the most expensive to level. It'll cost more like 15,000g. Of course, you can reduce the costs by investing time in farming the materials.

Were you possibly thinking of tailoring/enchanting? Those would go together much better than tailoring and inscription. Of course, you'd still have to pay for (or farm) all the cloth for tailoring, but you could probably recover some of your investment by selling the enchanting mats from disenchanting your tailored stuff.
Inscription is indeed cheap and profitable.

Tailoring is not so cheap. Good profit potential but not cheap to level.

If you are making an armormaking profession or JC, I suggest, as Icpitl said, leveling Enchanting with it. You're basically getting two for the price of one.

If you dislike doing it so much you might try seeing if somebody on your realm sells profession kits. They cost a bit more but the convenience is great.

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