<Total Eclipse> looking for rdps and casual

Level 25 guild who has an almost full raid team. Many of our raiders have been grinding current content raids since WotLK and earlier. Took a break at the begining of the year stunting our progression. We are a few pieces away from a solid team. Running teir 14 content to help get raiders geared for ToT. Looking to enter new content within the next two weeks and are in need of a mage or ele shaman for time warp/heroism. Contact me at my battletag Ichigø#1435 (alt cod is 0248) or my officer at Laerium#1821
Bumps :3
My friend and I are looking to transfer to a higher population server. We're both experienced raiders, ilvl 460+, looking for casual raiding as we're both family guys. When do you folks raid?
We raid Tue/wed 8pm - 11pm server(pst)

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