I can't for the life of me find the recipe for the Confounded Wild Jade. Is the pattern in the game or is it NYI? Gems are certainly there and I'd like the recipe if it's available.

Any thoughts?
Stamina (blue) + Hit (blue) =/= Confounded (green)

It should not exist, but someone datamined it. So /confounded
Wowhead is saying this gem replaced nimble wild jade in 5.2. That any nimble gems people had in their inventory or on their gear were changed into confounded gems. Also, there is no way to learn the recipe yet.
There probably never will be a way to cut this gem after 5.2, as it being in game in the first place was a mistake -- 2 stats of the same color should never be on the same gem. I'm hanging onto mine for a while before selling since they are now a rarity :)
False, still got 2 nimble wild jades in my bags.
Are they hit/stam or hit/dodge though?

This gem is well named.
I am still able to make nimble cuts....
Can not figure out where to get the "CONFOUNDED" recipe.

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