In-game sound "wash out"

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I have a dillema--probably not the first to bring it up, but thousands of pages on sound issues is just too much for me to search through.

I use DroodFocus' and GTFO's default configs to alert me to fire(boop/buzz), and NS procs(gunshot).

My problem is, the more "stuff" happening all around me, the more all the sounds get "washed out", and I have trouble hearing GTFO's and DroodFocus' alerts clearly. Not to mention almost no chance of hearing OoC procs--and the new animation not being neon green really doesn't help.

I've tried different combinations of sound channels, sound quality, and hardware sound checked on and off. I can't seem to find the sweet spot.

Suggestions? Specifically, if you use both these addons, and their alerts, what settings work best for you? I have an MSI MS-7673 motherboard, otherwise known as P67. No independent sound card.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated:)

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