(H) 90 Warrior LF semi casual raiding guild.

Hey all! Im a recent 90 (first one actually) who is seeking a a semi casual guild who raids 1-2 nights a week. Im not looking for a guild where you have to hold 100% attendance as we all know life happens. im really looking for a guild who raids 1-2 nights for 2-3 hours each. Also looking for a guild who has active members so form heroic groups and world boss groups.

I have pretty good raiding experience. I raided on Darrowmere with Afterlife during BC and some WOTLK. They were the best guild on the server. In BC I participated in the death of: Illidan, Vashj, Kael'thas, Archimonde, and more. After that I became more casual so just did some Ulduar, Naxx, OS, and Rs.

What would be awesome is a guild who is just looking to have fun. Not enough for 25 raids? Try 10 man or form a bunch of heroic groups. I dont want the guild to make me feel like the game is a job. Feel free to ask me any questions or PM in game thanks!

This post assumes you'd be willing to transfer to Alliance :)

Might I suggest Dark Sun Knights may be a place for you. We raid on Tue/Wed from 8:40 pm to 11:00 pm server time. We have been running 10-man for some time and even have a "catch-up" 10-man on Friday and Saturday for those who miss Tue/Wed. Plenty of people online for other things such as questing, heroics, scenarios, etc. Many of us enjoy going back to "old" content as well to do achievements or what-not.

Feel free to send me a tell in game or send a tell to my other officers, referencing this post, Brissanna, Buckwht, or Nyteflower.



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