(H) Invidious recruiting for 10 man raiding

Invidious is back and recruiting again for pve progression. We will no longer be a late night raiding guild though. Most of the guild quit for cataclysm, but interest has been renewed for mists and we are looking to fill up our ranks again. We were a highly competitive guild back in wrath and even obtained server first 10 man icc drakes (icc meta achievement). We are looking to get back to our previous form.

If you want to raid but got a late start this expansion, like we did, and now do not have the dps or heals to join the top guilds we are looking for you.

We are currently recruiting any dps classes with a healer off spec or a non-dk tank. Looking for dependable raiders who want to put forth an effort into progressing. We raid Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 7-10 server time (PST).

If you would like more info or would like to apply please message Phabulous, Sylvanria, Dangodango, or Plaps in game and we would be happy to give anybody a shot at raiding.
woo woo
bump. Also progressed into 1/12 ToT and counting.
Still looking for a reliable hybrid healer/dps or tank of any class that knows their class well and comes to raids prepared and on time.
Msg me if you fit the requirements and have a sexy voice! Thanks!
bunch of good guy gregs
Do yall have a website?
Sadly not any more, but we do have an active World of Logs and updated wowprogress link.

Wowprogress - http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Invidious

WoL - http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/263242/

2/12 and counting. Looking for 1 solid dps, preferably monk, rogue or warlock.
Still recruiting DPS: monk, rogue, warlock, shaman.
Stuck at Council in ToT due to lack of steady attendance, come make the difference! :D
Msg me or any of the above listed or leave an in-game mail and I'll contact you.

<3 Zénn
To clarify Zenn's post:

Council Mechanics down, will be dead once we have consistent non fail DPS. WTB consistent non fail DPS.
Our website is back!


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