[H] Hybrid Essences(25) recruits core raiders

Hello Everyone,

Our guild, Hybrid Essences, is a casual, but serious, raiding guild. We're currently looking for members to
fill our starting 2nd group. If you have some raiding experience and just dinged, and want to raid, this may
be for you.

We have the following spots on our team:

Bravo Squad:

    475+ ilvl Protection Paladin (no OS Necessary)
    475+ ilvl Resto Shammy (DPS offspec preferred)
    475+ ilvl Mage
    475+ ilvl Warlock

Times: Fridays 7-10PM, Sundays 4PM-7PM

Our progression before 5.2 was released reached MV 6/6 and HoF 2/6 in normal mode. We use mumble.

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to post here, contact Muhon or Sholdings in-game, or visit our website at http://hybrid-essences.enjin.com to get to know us better. You can even apply there!

For the Horde!
Will contact when server come up.
Awesome. Add my battle tag Muhon#1906
Edited, looking for resto shammy too.
Sorry for super late response, I added you.
Thanks, I just saw that but you're now offline. Let's get in touch soon.
We're still looking.

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