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Grown Up Style rerolled onto Sargeras hoping to surround ourselves in a better crop of players. We were formerly on Black Dragonflight Horde which was not working out for many members as it was a very low pop server. Our game plan is to get a raid of competent players together in order to experience the entirety of Throne of Thunder on normal and heroic. The founding members of this guild have already been through the majority of 5.0 content and previous content from other expansions. We are looking to build an almost entirely new roster so here is what we are looking for -

Warlock - Any spec

Raid times are as follows:
Tue 7pm-11pm EST
Wed 7pm-11pm EST
Thu 7pm-11pm EST

Don't bother applying if you aren't making the complete best out of your character, you will stick out like a sore thumb.

Battletags -
Croakies#1861 - Fatalist
Tomorrow we will be doing open tryouts for anyone interested in a normal MSV at 7pm EST, or 6pm server. We will openly take re-rolls, or main swapping characters.

I've found the best way to recruit is anyone and everyone, and find good players, so do not be afraid to send in an application even if you feel under geared. we're looking for players who want to play better, have the drive to learn and do well.
Welcome to Sargeras!
Welcome to Sargeras!

thanks man, nice to see friendly people
still looking! need more for tonight!
NBA fan(s)?
NBA fan(s)?

some of us, lol
I've been a lifelong Miami Heat fan since the summer of 2010. That means I'll be turning 3 this year.
We're lakers and bulls fans
Looking for Prot warrior and more potential range dps

contact carlosboozer or slavely for more info
If they are not online add their battletags

That was done while dancing in a grass skirt
Butler put it down on the Heat.

Bump for Prot War and Caster Dps!
need them prot warriors and deeps
bump for world peace
why would you change your name from a Double Double Machine?!?
I know those Prot Wars are out there!
locks come out and play
Duck. Mimosas. NCAA. Couldnt ask for a better Easter
Duck. Mimosas. NCAA. Couldnt ask for a better Easter

Tormag i got this, you don't have to tank anymore :D
no fat kids allowed, gays welcome

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