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You mistyped some stuff and got called out. Don't take the wuss route and try to turn it on me like I was doing something wrong. Eat your crow like a big boy. :)

I didn't miss type anything. If you look at the quote I had originally quoted you will see that it mentions venom priests (at least that's what I assume was meant by 'venomancer'), an add that applies a disease via a spell which can and should be interrupted. You mentioned melee applying a disease (which is a component of a different type of add) so I posted the solution of not standing next to adds with that ability. I am fine admitting when I am wrong but this is not one of those times.
03/13/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Ninjablaze
I didn't miss type anything.

I'm pretty positive that Venom Bolt Volley is a Poison not a Disease.
I'm pretty positive that Venom Bolt Volley is a Poison not a Disease.

Probably right. Went to our logs from last night to try and check it but it turns out we took 0 damage from it so I dunno. Too lazy to try to look it up again, but would make sense to me.
03/12/2013 11:21 PMPosted by Isiildur

Cool as in "so what?" and thanks for playing as in "nice try in thinking the change does anything outside of a tiny bit faster kill." Which wasn't even the hard part of Megaera, thus making the HP of the heads irrelevant.

It makes the fight vastly easier.

Less HP means a shorter fight which means more mana.

Less HP means less time in the active phase when you're being pelted by acid bombs.

Less HP means less tank debuffs applied.

I did this fight before the nerf, and I'm beyond glad that it got the nerf it deserved.

Less HP is more mana? You should have mana to finish the fight either way. Acid bombs? Players can avoid/severely lessen the damage, try doing it.

The hardest part are the rampages, and this doesn't do anything to change that.

Probably right. Went to our logs from last night to try and check it but it turns out we took 0 damage from it so I dunno. Too lazy to try to look it up again, but would make sense to me.

Door 1 - magic [dispel]
Door 2 - poison [interrupt/silence]
Door 3 - disease [stun/kite]
Door 4 - curse [dispel - not sure if interruptible]
On the topic of Meg, are people finding GRGRGRG best or throw a blue in there? Also 3 or 4 healing? Got to the 7th head last night, hoping to finish him pretty quickly tonight but just wondering if there's something to make this easier than we are making it.

We decided to not try and skip mechanics and did Blue > Green > Red > Blue > Green > Red > Blue/Boss Dies. I believe the common approaches are to never kill blue or leave blue up until one of the last few heads you kill (5th or 6th). there are countless orders that can work and it boils down to what you're finding works best for your raid.

One thing that did help immensely was to have some kind of raid CD available for around the 5th/6th heads during the normal phases. Rampages do involve a lot of damage but for the most part they involve zero movement, the raid is stacked and the damage is predictable/smooth throughout the ability. It's perfectly feasible to enter Rampage and use no raid CD's and make it through it.
This is fine and all, but in our 10-man comp we have no priests/paladins/monks, and therefore cannot dispel the five minute disease. Can you add items to give a player these spells in case the raid does not have a way to stop this?

To be fair, most raid groups should have at least one of those, otherwise they may be stacking to many of one class. I do see your point though.
this this this this. I get wanting diversity, but I thought it was a blizz philosophy to "bring the player and not the class" and this seems to go against that. My team is doing a quick gear-up for our 10 man on a pally and monk alt, which isn't very fun when it feels forced.
Hey all,

Lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas (Watcher) has been reading through a lot of your feedback regarding the [url="http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8953693/"]raid boss hotfixes[/url], and he passed along the following response to this thread:

I just wanted to offer some context for the recent tuning hotfixes to the Horridon and Council of Elders encounters in the Throne of Thunder raid.

First off, the Council change, reducing their health in 10-player modes, was honestly just a bug fix. Yes, it made the encounter easier, which also makes it a nerf, but we simply goofed on the numbers. We generally aim for a 3:1 ratio of health for enemies in 25-player raids as compared to 10-player mode, since 25-player raids typically have ~17 DPS and 10-player raids have 5 or 6. Instead, the ratio on the bosses themselves (but not the Loa spirits or Sand Elementals) was mistakenly 2.5:1, and we didn’t notice until we started taking a closer look at why 10-player groups seemed to be having a harder time with the encounter. I apologize for the error on our part.

Second, regarding Horridon, that change was an intentional difficulty adjustment, with the aim of smoothing out the difficulty curve of the first section of the raid. By reducing the health of the trolls pouring out of each gate, we reduced the DPS requirement (and thus the gear requirement) of the encounter, but generally kept the mechanics checks intact. The trolls having 10-15% less health doesn’t mean that raids can suddenly fail to interrupt Venom Priests, ignore Effusions, stand in Sand Traps, or cuddle up with Frozen Orbs. It just means that there’s a lower DPS requirement to keep up with the waves while doing so.

so how about hotfixing all those other struggling dps, like mages?

or is that not a priority.
The encounter is designed the way it is. It is up to you to "bring with you what you need". My vote is, no changes. Change your composition or suffer the problems you encounter. If you dont have the proper classes then you need to have 1 developed by someone
I would not be shocked if they nerf it again having heard many groups wiping 10 times on this fight in LFR i am not shocked considering that there are many trolls in LFR an no Vent.

Most peolpe complain how easy LFR is compared to normal but they do not take into account the number of trolls or dps queing as tanks / heals expecting to heal or tank in a dps spec.

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