(A) Dysfunctional (18) is recruiting

Hello, all. I like to take a moment and introduce myself, Shaelle, and my guild, Dysfunctional. A recent transfer to the Dalaran realm, I’m looking to invite active, friendly, casual, mature players, of all abilities, to join Dysfunctional. In case anyone is interested, I recently transferred from the Arygos realm. The reason I initiated a guild master realm transfer is that, on average, Arygos is losing about 100-200 players over any given week, so the pool for players is shrinking quite rapidly on that server. With the guild master realm transfer, I brought my level 18 guild over, as well.

I’m a very casual, laid-back type of player. I play as often as I can, but a family and travelling for work keep me busy. I play because I enjoy the game for what it is….a game. I’m looking for active players of the same mindset, players that enjoy playing the game, hanging out, and having fun. If that means running heroics, cool. If it means running old content for gear, that’s great, too. I have provided a 50 slot Ventrilo voice server for the guild for in game use by everyone within the guild: questing, dungeons, PVP, raids, or just general chat, etc.

I believe that, as a GM, you need to think outside the box for your guild. That’s why I came up with a “rewards” program, or incentives, while the guild is being leveled. I’m giving away some super sweet rewards, including 60 Day Game Time keys, Mekgineer's Chopper, and Gold. I even have three Digital Deluxe Upgrade Mists of Pandaria keys, for anyone that hasn’t upgrade yet, but haven’t figured out how I would award those yet. This reward program would most likely transition to a monthly award after the guild has reached level 25, at which time I will most likely have additional rewards, such as mounts and battle pets from the Blizz online store. I’ve seen other guilds do this as a raffle, or lottery, but I plan to just provide (read = give away) these on a monthly basis as my way of saying thanks for supporting the guild.

My vision for the guild is simple: I’d like to develop a couple of five man dungeon teams that could transition to a 10 man raid team. My DK is setup and equipped as a Blood DK tank, but I have very limited experience with this role. I’d love to group with some dps and healers that would help me grow in this role and provide “constructive” criticism. We’ve all been in pugs were someone has been told, at one time or another, “you sux, blah blah blah” but provided no feedback in what you were doing wrong or what you could do better, right? I’m looking for players that would be willing to provide that positive criticism, help others out, and become a team that could take on anything the game had to offer, while trying to maintain a casual atmosphere. I think this is what makes a good guild a better guild and I think, ultimately, it makes the realm better, too. There are those that think they're god's gift to WoW and their class. I'm not looking for that type of guildie. I'm looking for someone willing to grow in their class and that is willing to learn to work as a team mate within a raid group. Also, although I like a casual atmosphere, I do expect players to be ready to support whatever activities the guild is running (i.e. be properly buffed, specced, or geared).

As I’d like the guild to transition to a casual 10 man raiding guild, I know I’m going to need help. I’m also looking for active players interested in taking on leadership roles within the guild, such as an Activities Officer, Recruiting Officer, Raid Leader, Raiders, etc., as well. Maybe even a Co-GM if I find the right person.

If any of the above sounds good to you, send me a message in game, request an invite via the guild finder, or visit the guild website, dys.guildlaunch.com, and apply. Thanks for your time.
You spell DisFUNKshun wrong.


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