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Why in the world did frost mages get a buff when they're doing the most ridiculous damage in PvP right now?

Because Blizzard cares for PVE not PVP!
I CONFESS!!! I PULLED ALL ME FINGERS AT THE SAME TIME AND BLEW THE WHOLE WORLD SERVER OFF THE WEB!!! Now they are searching for techs with paper towels to clean the crap out...
I get that you want mages to recieve a pve buff (don't really care about pve), but do you ever think about how that affects pvp? 40% is a huge increase to a class that already has the burst potential to kill someone in a few globals.
Of course the day the season launches frost bomb get's a 40% damage increase.

That was needed. Thanks guys. This won't have any negative outcomes.
yay! I got to be awesome and competitive for one whole week! yippie.. back to heals
Mage abilities make me throw up.
this confirms my suspicion that the mage class is the dev. favorite above all others, and that their QQing gets immediate attn.
No point to fixing anything on a case by case basis until the fundamental service on servers is restored.

How about log in issues?

How about loading issues?

How about instance reliability?

Glad that incomplete new content takes priority over these...

Can't complain about new content if you can't get to it I guess.
I really do feel sorry for warlocks and shadow priest.. honestly we had our mages crying when we first started ToT but someone told them to go frost and they pretty much went straight back to top if not close to it.

While Shadow Priest and Warlocks were doing good with the multi target adds they were not Overpowered! I mean seriously you design a fight with a lot of adds and don't expect them to be up on the meters where's the logic in that!.

On a single target fight though I expect to see all our mages blow everyone's light out tonight.
Is anyone trying to balance classes out? It seems like shadow priests will always get the short straw :\
Speaking strictly from a priest perspective: It would be nice for our single target DPS to be compensated since this not only affects our multi-dotting but significantly impacts our single target DPS as well.

According to Bliz's design philosophy, each class is supposed to shine in different areas so that they are not all on par in every situation. Yet shadow is in the bottom of the pack for single target DPS, even worse at movement fights, and now has been levied in the one area it was decent in.

So my question to GC or Bliz: Where is shadow's area supposed to be that we are to be strong, again?

They need to separate PvP from PvE entirely. Certain spells should have different dmg/heal values when used against players. It's getting ridiculous watching them try to balance PvE and PvP with changes that effect both at the same time. They already have certain glyphs and spells that have reduced effects against players. Why not do this for most spells if it is needed? Like with Frost Bomb.

In this case, they easily could have just buffed Frost Bomb in a PvE environment. Or buff it in general while nerfing it against players.
I have not read a single post praising these changes.

That says a lot more than I can.
I gotta level a mage...
So most of us uncouth non-mage lowlives will spend most of our PVP time inspecting dirt while mages duke it out among themselves?

Spiffy, may I suggest simplifying random BGs?

When you click to join BG the side with more mages automatically wins, no need to even zone in.
Blizzard logic, if mages are doing 10% more damage than other classes "meh maybe we nerf patch". Mages not at the top "Instant hotfix with a nerf to everybody else who was doing good". I usually don't make posts of hate but this one deserves it, nerfs were totally based on a week long of logs?. Where are the projections that you guys make? Do you even consider gear scaling when you do it? Simcraft show 2 mage specs on the top and frost death knights at the bottom in full BiS gear, and in the end they get a buff we get a huge nerf in the only area of the game that a dps dk shine which is aoe/cleave because clearly we get below everyone else when the gear starts to get better plus we have zero utility and we're melee which is a terrible disavantage itself.

BTW where is the troll Beast Slaying nerf? 5 out of 12 bosses where they can do 5% more damage, sounds pretty mandatory too me, tought that was against your policy for racials.

this makes sense.

^This this this!

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