Class Hotfixes – 3/12

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I'm not pvping ever again.
frostbomb crit for over 100k already that did not need a buff
That's it, I'm rolling a mage.

At this point they've been OP since late BC.

I'm done trying to be enthusiastic about new classes.

Obviously a monk worked out for you atleast :D
LOL I called it! Less than 2 weeks before mages were buffed back up! My guild mate owes me money! :D
Lead Systems Designer Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) wanted to give notice of several class hotfixes that went live last night along with the reasoning behind those changes.

  • Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%.

  • I think is right here disqualifies anyone as lead system designer of everything.
    Worst possible way to buff the mages... frost bomb 300k crits in pvp, yeah gj
    I just love buffs i say buffs for all =)
    Wasnt priest SW:P damage just buffed like a week ago? Now its back to its original state.

    Didnt take long. :p

    I don't have a clue how it will all end up, considering the buff a week ago was:

    Shadowform now increases the Priest's Shadow damage by 25% (was 20%).

    and now they're nerfing SW: P damage...maybe it ends up being a net buff??

    I just wish they'd QUIT CHANGING THINGS. Seriously, it's not fun Blizzard. Not fun. Spend more time getting it right the first time and then LEAVE IT ALONE.
    No Love for shadows... Sad. Dying hair Red.. lol
    Nerf our dots more when we cant even get a cast off in melee classes faces.
    Rets never get nice buffs like mages :( </3 no love
    Please be aware that with patch 5.2 you guys absolutely broke warriors in lower level pvp. If you care even the slightest for those of us that enjoy leveling through pvp, please take a look at what is happening with shield slam in lower brackets. It easily makes the top 5 most overpowered things ever introduced to WoW and it appears you are making matters even worse.

    The classes are balanced around max level...there is no way to balance everything at every level.....
    LOL. Nerf WW monks a full 10% 12 hours into a new patch. Disregard the broken level 30 skills you supposedly based said nerfs around, ignore all the logs of this week showing WW being near last....and at best mid of the pack...and don't even acknowledge it. You butchered the whole WW playstyle with this patch, every supposed buff was a backhanded nerf that got expounded upon by your kneejerk 10 !@#$ing percent nerf to Tiger Stance.

    Mages are semi UP for a week, and you toss them all a 40% dmg buff.

    How about you at least EXPLAIN OR ACKNOWLEDGE the 99.9% of monks that are wondering the same %^-*ing !@#$ that I am.
    Wait. Just wait. Aren't Affliction Warlocks suppose to be like the kings/queens of DoTs? Why would you nerf what they're good at or indeed specced around?
    Hmmm might re roll a mage if I get heirlooms for him :D
    I was looking forward to logging into the new season. The Sentence I Just Typed Is Now False.
    I insist that you remove the frost bomb buff or at least reduce it significantly. Living Bomb and Nether Tempest being buffed is fine, but frost bomb does enough damage as frost(Both PVE and PVP), and I don't see very many fire or arcane mages using that in PVE anyways.
    We were strong? Is there any proof to back this up? Would love to see numbers.

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