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I don't agree with the nerf of SW:pain. It now will be like using mind spike, just a different name. Also, cutting away damage of one of the unique actions of a spriest, multi-dots.

Its time to stop making every class use the same actions, but just give it a different name. Why does every class now have a heal, every class now has an interupt or silience, every class has distant attack. Bring back the fun. Example, Hunters had to distance themselves to be effective in battle. A rogue had its utility to sap someone. A mage and priest had silence spells, not everyone. Have to have a healer if you want to be healed, if not good luck.

I started many of my alts cause they were different at one time. I know my opinion isn't going change anything. But I am sure many feel the same way as I do right now.

Said the same some posts earlier, 25% carpet-nerfing is just lazy and as much as I wish to be mad at dotters for being overpowered, I agree; It's not their fault, it's the greatest evil of homogenization. =/
Cry more PVP'ers..
Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%.
Frost Bomb damage +40%.

.....Come on! Read carefully!
Mage: Frost Bomb now deals 60% of its damage when used against other players, down from 80%.

you now realize that NT/living bomb do 40% more damage against players. only frost bomb was adjusted for pvp.

nether tempest is the go-to option for frost atm.
03/14/2013 08:46 AMPosted by Teye
No, you're too stupid to understand that a spec shouldn't have insane aoe + insane single-target + insane survivability + insane utility all at once.

Insane Single Target? Demonology's single target is a LONG way from insane. Affliction's Single target was nerfed in 5.2, and Demonology just took a massive nerf in having both of its DoTs nerfed by 25%. Seriously kid, you're too dumb for words.


The bottom line issue is the constant struggle between PVE and PVP play. You buff or nerf a class, because in PVE they aren't cutting it, and then have PVP'ers have issues on the buff or nerf. At the same time, you could see PVP play unbalanced, make a change, and PVE play is then not viable. It would be a wonderful world if somehow there were PVE specific classes, and PVP specific classes, and ONLY those classes. Might make nerfing/buffing simpler.

That's the way it was once upon a time - arms was warrior pvp spec, fury was pve. Frost was mage pvp spec, fire pve, etc.; I dunno why they want to make everything viable everywhere now (cept some jokes of specs like combat, brewmaster and holy priest who were and I have a feeling will forever be useless in pvp) but clearly it ain't working.
Yes, Silariel, I remember that time too. You did have non PVP classes PVP and there were issues as well, but I don't remember 7 hot fixes a week....
Do all you idiots talking about dk "buffs" realize this was actually a nerf to dps dk's? Howling blast got a slight nerf, not a buff. The buff was to blood, with a boost to rune strike.

Now to the real issue....GC and his disgusting favoritism for mages. The bad part about this is, i guess, that he doesnt even mask or try to hide it. It is like he sits back and says "I love mages, I will continue to buff them so they are a hero class w/out ever being classified as one. If they arent topping the charts in pve and pvp, something is wrong and I will make sure they get there soon. What? They are too OP? Well, I love my mage so I guess there can't be anything wrong with them."

WoW is still my favorite game, but due to different things it is steadily declining. Crap like this is one of those reason. I have lost any and all respect for GC over time. While the game overall still continues to be the best, The b.s. changes they make and centering the whole f'ing game around daily's pretty much tells me where the Devs are at... "if we put in stuff that takes forever to complete, that equals a great game doesnt it?" The answer is NO. 1000 daily's does NOT equal lots of good game content.
Why in the world did frost mages get a buff when they're doing the most ridiculous damage in PvP right now?
you must be new here

PS. BTW don't think we didn't notice the ninja nerf to FDCL proc chance.

Well that sure explains a lot... I thought I was just having an impossible awful bad luck streak.
Priests frost bomb needs a buff
and mages chaos bolt needs a nerf
What's not to love?

We are the weakest class on WOW for defense.

I started last year and all I ever got was nerfs. I just assumed he hated mages.

I think it was the mages getting dropped from several raiding teams that finally got his attention. I saw it happen to a friend of mine and heard about several others in the forums.

I think people naturally "hate" mages because their DPS runs so high, but I have never seen a mage at the top of overall damage in a raid. Overall damage is the true indicator of how powerful a class/player is. It is also a good indication of where a raider stands on his team.

When raiders start getting dropped from their teams due to nerfs, you know there is a serious problem.

... if you are standing still, doing nothing, and letting yourself get hit in the face, then yes, you will be weak defensively, but if you are using the full Mage arsenal then no one can even get near you.

Last year we had Dragon Soul and the dominance of Fire plus a Legendary, this year we had ... the dominance of Fire, Arcane, and Frost hasn't exactly been weak, either. Check logs and ranks before thinking your own raid experience is representative of the entire raiding spectrum. Mages haven't been weak for years (if ever).
My Aoe dps is !@#$ now, due to the corruption nerf, and my single target dps just took a drop... So, I am less effective in both areas...great! I love watching Mages pull 200k dps on aoe, where I used to be efficient, and now I have to spend 5 secs setting up for a nerfed seed of corruption that won't tick that much before the mage's have blasted every target instantly. I love watching mages pull 2x the amount of aoe dmg, and beat me in single target dps. 60k dps is not suitable for fights when everyone else is putting up 70-80k. One of the only classes that has their dps drop 5k if the accidentally mis-time something.
Another favorite thing of mine is hearing all these people complain about where lock dps was, but had no problem with us leading dps as they barely beat enrage timers on new content.
Death Knight: Howling Blast secondary target damage to 50% of primary target (down from 65%)
Death Knight: Rune Strike damage +25%.
Warrior: Shield Slam damage +25%.
Warrior: Deep Wounds damage for Protection only, +50%.

Can prot paladins dps stop being balanced on an obscene stack of vengance and stacking haste. Of the plate tanks were the only one that needs to stack hit to max, expertise to max and get as much haste as we can to keep up.

Granted its a fun play style but when the other tanks can stack mastery and avoidance to achieve the same results it kinda sucks.
How about extending DPs Duration/increasing its Backend damage by a bit to compensate for the neutering of single target for Shadow?
Also, on behalf of the Shadow Community, this is our "I told you so" moment.

Buffing DoTs is a poor idea
(Sticky) PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues, Part III

A damage increase to DoTs will disproportionately buff us on multi-target fights and in PvP, when the reality is we don't need any improvement in those areas.

(Sticky) PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues, Part III

Both of these were on Pages in the 60s in that thread, so there was plenty of time for these to have been read pre5.2 launch. Yet, what do they do? You guessed it buffed our DoTs.

We informed you thusly.

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