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!@#$ you Greg you stunned %^-*ing retard
Blizzard needs to quit nerfing things that dont need to be fixed and nerf the things that do such as bursting damage that certain classes have along with fixing the mobs that can respawn in nearly 1 min in dread while questing......just saying
GC my damage went far lower then 10% One week I was feeling good about my class I was very happy something got buffed other then shadowform.

I was able to multidot and do some competitive single target dps. Our mages did good once they went frost. I also love the trend going on Fire, Arcane now Frost. I wish I could switch specs.

anyways this week multi target fight our mages wipe the floor with nether tempest for AoE and their single target. All of them screaming and giggling in vent. One week of qq to up yours basically really makes me feel like garbage buts that ok as I have quit the game.

I'm tired of the lack of thinking thats been going on with my class. 5.1 we sucked and 5.2 we were ok for 1 week and now we suck again.

Also shadowy apparition is bugged were suppose to get 10 at max but only 4 spawn. Makes our tier piece garbage unless were close at melee which makes halo & cascade blow lvl 90 talents.
Nerf shield slam. Really now, what were you thinking?
Theres a stream somewhere of lvl 39 prot warriors critting with shield slam for 4k to 5k+ in pvp. So with the average person in that bracket having 3.5 to 4k hp, isnt that a little bit unbalanced?
Thanks for the advice I will give it a shot
03/12/2013 12:10 PMPosted by Rygarius
Tank DPS is a difficult metric to measure because some tanks care a lot about their DPS, and work to maximize it, while others are content to fill the more traditional tank role of worrying about survivability and boss control, and pay less attention to their DPS.

As I unstand it a tanks role is not to do max dps but to mitigate damage. Giving them the ability to do both is just foolish. Whats next 500k lava burst crits for resto shams so they can maximize their dps?

Edit: Second wind should be readjusted as well. Example, restores 3% of max health for 15 secs cannot happen more than once every 60 or 90 secs
I would just like to know why they didn't buff single target damage to compensate for the dot nerfs (they said the reason was because of mult target... so why didn't they improve our single target moves like malefic grasp to compensate for this)?

I'm hoping they will at least help our single target... if not oh well I guess.

There were other things to consider. Trinket interaction, for one thing. Don't you understand that the whole multi target adjustment didn't come with a single target compensation because that would defeat the purpose. This was a pole position adjustment, plain and simple.

The balance in pve output is fairly well done, with the exception of marginal differences. However, what we saw in the beginning of T14 with Fire Mages was most definitely askew. With that aside, on a class by class basis, given comparable experience levels and effective play, a point for point shared item level, and a selection of ranging encounter mechanics (from tank'n'spank, light and heavy movement, and multi-target), theres going to be very comparable results.

Top spot is so coveted, but the irony involved is that the top spot outcome usually involves the dps class/spec that is best tailored to the encounter, and has the better gear. It's really funny about the gear because you just don't see the majority of players acknowledging the fact that gear progression elevates output in regard to outcome. After the fact, they would rather fantasize it had to do with skill. Also, evaluating stock item level vs true item level, in regards to anticipated outcome, is something that works to feed the fantasy.

There are just so many angles that are swept aside in favor of bragging rights, I question if value is actually discriminated against in this game.
did you forget about prot paladins? our damage is pitiful compared to other tanks.
it is a vague excuse to nerf my dots...... doom is good in pvp.

And.... do you can stop !@#$ing nerfing me in every %^-*ing patch?
Btw thanks for the nerf to nether tempest, that was needed... however...

The nerf to living bomb was unnecessary. Before it wasn't hitting for that much even after the buff and now you rendered one of our main sources of dmg usless.

Thanks for your tireless attempts to force every single mage to pvp as frost blizzard.
03/12/2013 12:10 PMPosted by Rygarius
Frost and Unholy are both performing really well, but Frost was higher than we wanted during cleave-type scenarios.

03/12/2013 12:10 PMPosted by Rygarius
Remember, it’s not a goal that every spec do exactly equally well in every possible encounter, and in fact we think that would be boring.

That's a bit contradictory, given that the only time there's a frost DK barely making it in the top ten world rankings on any raid boss is when there is cleaving. Rather boring seeing only rogues, mages, and warlocks doing stupid damage after every patch.
Once you do the math, the apparent nerf and buff of frost bomb only equates to about a ~4% buff in pvp. I thought it was silly too but after number crunching it really isn't that bad.
Um did the new RF yesterday. The dps were, for the most part, pulling between 75k to 87k on the last boss. No dps broke 90k. Not terrible, but awful compared to the dk tank who was pulling 148k.Good way to make any dps feel useless at thier role. So when does my resto shammy get a dps buff? I feel like i could do way better dps on him, even tho thats not my role.
did you forget about prot paladins? our damage is pitiful compared to other tanks.

Yeah the other tank in that rf was a pally, absolute last at dps.

Edit: cant spell right as its early...
In every "Rage Finder" I've been in this week, those poor wee mages have topped the charts by 10-20k, with their buff bombs accounting for 25-40% of their overall dps.

Thanks so much for your awesome attempts at balancing, Blizz! You're doing a bang up job.*

*Translation: The rest of us feel pretty banged up right about now. :(

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