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I have to say my main is druid and warrior and I will have a mage for this season, when i started playing mage i thought omg this class is really good i'm toping damage in every bg since lvl 80.

mage is very well balance in pvp and we are toping pve.

but now they buff frost bomb and others 40% it's like Christmas lol

I have been playing 8 years and mage have always been at the top while every class had a down side. wonder why but since I started a mage won't complain for now lol.

I've been tempted to roll a Mage for some time just to feel what it's like to be one of the classes Blizzard loves.
Suddenly, FROST BOMB
40%....staaahp blizz

Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
So you're telling me that I just learned demo spec for the aoe and the buffs, and now you hotfix so much..

Okay I understand the debuff, because right now demo is pretty insane.. but 25% is just ridiculous.
03/12/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Hagustus
Warrior: Shield Slam damage +25%.

Please be aware that with patch 5.2 you guys absolutely broke warriors in lower level pvp. If you care even the slightest for those of us that enjoy leveling through pvp, please take a look at what is happening with shield slam in lower brackets. It easily makes the top 5 most overpowered things ever introduced to WoW and it appears you are making matters even worse.

Blizzard doesn't like you to talk about scaling.

Because they have no idea what it means.
Will Affliction get a single target buff to compensate for the multi-target nerf?

Or is the goal to make Affliction behind single target and with everyone else, or a little ahead, on mulit-target?

Says the person with 3 dps specs capable of pulling good numbers...
Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%.

40% buff here,

25% nerf there,

25% buff here. . .

To hell, with a scalpel. Where's my sledgehammer
Lol, QQ fest.

There is a known quote that still exists...

"Deal with it"
hurray for GC. your favoritism is noted. and we are not amused sir. insteading of always buffing the class you love and pretty much get paid to play, fix the rest! Balance needs some balance, rogues need some work, poor monk chi wave (i think thats the right spell)
just admit it... you have NO idea what you're doing with priests... Seriously... it's getting really really old being near the bottom on single target encounters...

I feel the same way as a monk atm. My dps is based off talents that are broken in a raid environment and there hasn't been a single blue post on the matter. It's so fun starting a fight with dps that barely beats a tank sometimes and then end the fight dead last on dps.

But grats to mages, got your "needed" buffs. At least you guys are being constantly looked at.
Blizzards approach to games, "if it aint broke, break the hell out of it"...
Lead Systems Designer Greg Street (Ghostcrawler) wanted to give notice of several class hotfixes that went live last night along with the reasoning behind those changes.Hotfixes:Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%. We’re happy with the relative power of Arcane, Fire and Frost mages in PvE to each other, but all three specs are below where we want them. We were hoping that once groups got past the first few 5.2 raid encounters that benefit a lot from multi-dotting that we’d see mage DPS climb, but it’s not there yet. We don’t want to change rotations or force players to change specs, so we wanted a relatively passive change. We decided to buff the bombs because it affects all three specs relatively similarly and is as close to a passive form of damage as mages have. Had we buffed the cast-time nukes, the risk is that mages would lose even more DPS on high movement or high multi-dot fights, which wasn’t our intent. If these buffs aren’t sufficient, we will happily make more, but we’d rather make a few buffs a few times in a row rather than over buff then have to nerf it back down.

Seems equitable. Let the mages rejoice! (From what I see here, frost is still king, so it's good that most respecced out of Arcane).
happiness increased +40%
If i do recall the point of 5.2 was to tone down spriest warriors and mages in PvP. Outstanding job with the mage part blizzard they are now even better.

And by the way you just lied to everyone this is BS

Patch 5.2 Class Reviews:
We set out to accomplish a few goals with Mages:

Despite various adjustments along the way, Frost Mages are still too powerful in PvP and not quite competitive in PvE.
On Blizzard HQ one of these days:

"Oh lets remove the autoattack metamorphosis form cause it is bugging with wands, so lets buff a little Doom to compensate."


Oh nice, I gotta get my Mage up to speed...this is just the right reason!

I think this is a good call from ghostcrud for sure!
Lol, QQ fest.

There is a known quote that still exists...

"Deal with it"

coming from the class that got a boost.. GeeGee ya freakin mook.

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