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Six Mogu charms six times gold. I know it's random but it sure would be nice if after you received gold X amount of times it would award loot on the next Token. Any Thoughts?
0.85 ^ 6 = 0.377

You have better than one in three odds to get no loot in six coins. Hardly unbelievable.

Anyway, your system would be laughably easy to game to win specific gear drops, which is something Blizzard has expressed no interest in allowing. Ghostcrawler has said that it is unfortunate for some people to be chronically unlucky (you're not anywhere close to that yet, btw), but they're going to have to come up with a much cleaner system than what you're suggesting if they want it to work right.
I must be the chronically unlucky one you referred to. Six weeks times three coins, all with a big fat nothing.

It would make much more sense to enable an algorithm to increase your chance to win after each unsuccessful attempt. Maybe I am expecting too much. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some kind of positive change in patch 5.3.
5.3 Patch Notes:

Bonus Roll

Protection for bad luck streaks have been added to bonus rolls. Each bonus roll that does not provide loot has a progressively better chance to award loot to the player.
Gosh, what did people do before "bonus rolls" were even a thing?
I went through since the release of ToT popping coins to get gear.
I just recently got a dagger from Dark Animus from a coin, first piece of coin gear I got since ToT was released, pretty much using my coins every week.
And you know what? I'm happy for the extra chance for gear. It does suck to get on a unlucky streak (which I think 5.3 is doing something about, dunno if it effects normal coin rolls too), but its nice to get another shot at it if a boss is being stubborn and won't drop it.
14 mogu charms - nothing. Please come back here and cry when you are at my place
Gosh, what did people do before "bonus rolls" were even a thing?

Probably played Call of Duty.
I love how, when given the opportunity to actually win a piece of loot that is guaranteed to be for your spec, over just dealing with not getting the drop like we had to do since release to MoP, people still complain.

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