The ToT LFR Impression Thread [1st wing]

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522 mail belt dropped from trash in my group also.

We had a few take-charge people in our group who had an idea about the fights. We 1-shotted the first boss with only 1 death, surprisingly.

We wiped on the ledge where you get blown off b/c the tanks managed to pull everything at once and the healers weren't quite sure how to keep up.

Wiped once on Horridon, mainly b/c people didn't know what to do - we had tanks tanking Horridon in the center, people not really getting which adds to down first, no one really decursing/cleaning/de-poisoning, etc. We actually managed to get 3 of the 4 gates smashed despite our slipshod attempt. We nailed it the second time, which ran like clockwork.

Council... I still have literally no clue what to do there besides following the rules of "stay out of the bad stuff" and "hit it like you mean it." We still one-shotted it even though we had a few deaths.

And I picked up a new back piece, which is miraculous b/c in running LFR 4 weeks prior to 5.2, I had gotten ONE drop total and that happened in like week 2. Maybe my luck'll change for ToT.
2 Characters, 3 bosses each ... 6 tokens used, 12 bags of gold /sigh.

Overall was pretty fun, bosses are not complicated but did have a couple of wipes (council) and 1 on Horr from people either not knowing or just derping. Council wipes were all people standing in bad and not killing sandstorms, Horr wipe was tank's ignoring adds and them ganking healers / DPS.

Over all its about on par with the second part of heart of fear (as far as trash goes) and bosses are no more complex than Terrace. Give it a few weeks for people to learn and LFR will be a breeze in here.
1st group I was in was doing well, one-shot first boss and then surprise server restarts happened.

2nd group I was in was awful, wiped once on first boss and was doing terrible on horridon (not even close to killing him after a couple attempts) so I decided to try again later.

3rd group ended up having a bunch of people from the guild Supermassive so it was easy as pie lol.

Seems to be tuned pretty well. I think my 2nd group was mostly people who were ilvl 480 on the dot or people who were just autoattacking.

edit: ended up with helm from Council.
Disc priest - healing -

Full clear,
Beginning trash: Small issue with multiple packs pulled, 3 deaths.
1st boss: Group understood water mechanics, boss died without issue.
Middle trash: Wind Bridge area wiped raid (20/25 dead).
2nd Boss: Boss dead with 3 door smashed. (14/25 dead due to aoe damage).
End trash: No deaths, just boring.
3rd Boss: Sand boss died by end of first empowered period, smooth kill after that (3 deaths from avoidable damage.)

No loot, just gold.

Arms Warrior - dps -

Several ques, due to groups being 1/3.
Beginning trash: wiped 2 times. Not sure why people can't stop pulling more than 1 pack.
1st boss: 1 wipe, limited group understanding of "water = more damage/heals".
Middle trash: 1 wipe, OT decided to sprint across first bridge and run back.
2nd boss: 3 wipes, limited add control. Boss repeatedly healed.
End trash: No issues.
3rd Boss: Dragged out due to limited add control and people splitting dps, not focusing empowered.

No gear, just gold. Oddly, got a flawless pet stone from gold bag.

Balance Druid - dps -

Full clear.
Beginning trash: 10/25 dead... Again, for some reason people wanted to rush and pull multiple packs.
1st Boss: 2 wipes. Almost no grasp of water mechanics.
Middle Trash: 3 wipes. Another OT that didnt seem to read raid chat, no matter how many people suggested not running across bridges.
2nd Boss: 3 wipes. 2 no add killing. 1 from too many dps dying to avoidable damage.
Final trash: Anyone ever has issues with these guys?
End boss: 2 Wipes, no issues after detailed fight rundown.

2 gear from rolls.

Impressions: LFR is still a grab bag of decent players and idiots. The actual instance, seems a bit longer than it needs to be. Not the fights or anything, but the length of the instance. Seem to be running down lengthy stretches of hallways and bridges for very little reason. Nice to see mechanics play a bigger, but not crippling role, in LFR boss fights. Prediction: Likely to see Blizz do something with the Wind Bridge area. It just seems like one of those problem areas that end up being "fixed". /shrug
It's stupid easy.

The worst part of it was when I stopped to try and explain how council worked and people (many of them) said "who cares! let's pull and if we wipe we'll get the buff" ..... /facedesk
I was fairly disappointed. I was hoping the LFR wind bridge would have the same amount of force as the regular bridge. Oh the rage that would ensue.
/cackles maniacally
3 bags filled with gold as usual.
I only got to try the Elder Council so far. Haven't had time to go back and finish. Loved the idea of the fight. It felt good. Had a nice pace to it, a lot going on, it can wipe a group, some abilities do hurt.

I only had 2 problems.

1) Sandstorm is just a massive lag spike. It's not the sand storm itself but that combined with people doing aoe to the little adds. It just hurts my poor computer even on the lowest settings.

2) The rolling guy's ability is kinda of silly. It's unimpressive. The damage doesn't really do much as a reflect (which it kind of has to not by design). I guess I just prefer the other guys empowered states. Malak's "don't stand near people" into "stand near people" is a nice switch. The light to dark loa and even the sand pools coming to life is neat.

I'll give impressions on the rest later when I've had a chance to fight them. Overall though I do enjoy the fight. It's a nice twist over the other three council fights this expansion.
Spent three hours to clear it. Needed three stacks of the noob buff to kill horridon and 2 stacks to kill council.

My biggest suggestion would be to have the stacks not reset for each successful boss kill as poor groups will likely need them on latter boss's as they accumulate.

Refreshing the stacks just leads to more wiping where the possibility of killing the boss is 0.
I must have just had a really bad group.

3 wipes on the entrance trash. People kept trying to pull all the groups together, and fight them on the stairs.

5 wipes on Jin'Rokh... 10-15 of our DPS would die on the first pool, every time, when it electrified. And then we'd wipe around 15% due to not enough DPS. And then everyone would rage at the one low DPS who actually stayed alive, instead of the 10-15 idiots who died.

6 wipes on the bridge trash. Twice, everyone decided to run across the bridge en masse, and pull all 4 bridge mobs to the boss in the center. And then wipe spectacularly.

Then we got the first two bridge trash down... And no one could get the concept of running across and *not* aggroing the big stone guy. 4 more wipes, with no hope in sight.

So I dropped. 13 deaths was enough for me for one day.
After running LFR a few times on this priest (for the extra gold) and once on my alt, I think the experience greatly depends on the group you are with.

If the group mostly know what to do and what not to do to wipe the raid, it would go well, even with not great gear.

Most of the time, the group did talk about the strategy before pulling or after a wipe, and they did get better at learning and downed the boss eventually.

I wonder if Council fight has some RNG to it (I've only done it in LFR). If Sul didn't get possessed twice or more, the fight seems easier. I say RNG because if Sul got possessed earlier in the fight, he most likely would be possessed later. Depending on the state of the fight at that time, and how well the group handling adds, it could be messy.

A few things I learned:
- on the trash at the entrance, if the tank decided to fight on the top of the stairs, LoS of most healers, chances are that extra groups of trash would be pulled and at least one tank would die. If both tanks are dead, just run out and let the trash reset.
- for bridge trash, if you see half of the group running down the bridge without waiting on the stairs or killing the snakes, run back and run out. Most likely they would pull all 4 and wipe. And, be sure that the trash is reset before re-enter.
Did one run once servers popped up on Tuesday afternoon (home sick). One-shot on both JR and Horridon, took two attempts at Council. No trash wipes.

1 loot from JR (cloak, which that night I replaced with the normal raid version during guild run)
Used a coin on each Horr and Council, no loot.
One Secrets for the legendary.
I've gone in with this toon, got Council, and we 2 shot it without hardly anyone dying.

My monk hasn't been as lucky. Once a wipe happens, people start yelling at other people, people leave, start over, rinse repeat. Had 2 different tanks just leave in the middle of Horridon.

I guess we'll see what the weekend brings.
My first comment is: thank god for the stacking buff.

I had a couple of wipes as dps, but overall a smooth run. When I went as heals, I got a much worse group (several dps below the tank and a couple of very low healers). Three wipes on council but we got it eventually.

I don't know if LFR groups are still formed by battlegroups, but people generally listen to directions in all the time I've been doing LFR since DS days. I was again pleasantly surprised that people took the time to type out explanations (I did a few myself) and most people tried to follow the mechanics.

The stacking buff made up for low dps and heals, but people were actually following mechanics so it wasn't a total zergfest and actually felt like a group trying to cooperate while getting a little boost from blizz's buff. I think the first wing will be smooth sailing by next week.
I'm liking it so far, and after seeing the place first hand ,I'm standing by my earlier statement:

Before they went with the Alliance Vs. Horde storyline in Pandaria, this was probably their intended final dungeon of the expansion. There is no way that something this epic looking was designed from day one as the mid-raid of the expansion.

Though I am concerned that the final raid of the expansion isn't going to live up to the epicness that Throne of Thunder brings to Mists of Pandaria. I'm really worried we'll end up with another Dragon Soul.
My impression:

I thought the first boss (Jinrok the Breaker) and second (Horridon) were fine; either one-shot or one wipe and then win, depending on whether people were following directions.

I was very frustrated by the Council of Elders - running on different characters it took me three, and six(!) pulls to kill the boss. A guildmate needed five attempts.

Wiping that often is not fun, and I can't see myself doing this wing much if Elders remain so difficult.
Council was the only fight we had trouble on. It was frantic until we got organized. We got it in 3 pulls. We also had a little trouble with JR because the no one stood in the water and our DPS wasn't all that great. Once this was explained it was handled. I got 2/3 of loot which was nice.
The only comment I have is the fact that I've spent over an hour in queue for the last 3 days and sit there looking at an estimated time of 5 minutes the entire time. I have yet to have my queue pop before I just drop queue and log off.
Did LFR on 2 characters this week. All of the bosses went down pretty easily, but Horridon was very sloppy. People would take forever to move to the next door, and we would tank the boss miles away from the door that was active. Somehow we didn't wipe.

The worst part of LFR is definitely the bridge trash though. No matter how many times I tell them to wait for tanks to drag mobs pack, people will follow the tanks. They will then die in the wind, even though it seems to not have as much force as in normal.

The most frustrating thing is people who kite the bridge trash all the way to the beginning, and then aggro the trash we skipped on the right side, dragging those to the door. People then get killed 2 or 3 times running back and dying to trash.

Funny though given all that trash stupidity, we didn't wipe to any of the actual bosses in LFR. I thought the bosses would be more difficult since the normal mode Horridon and Council were pretty challenging for us.
Did a ToT LFR today on a fresh 90 alt. Full pug. Got in at the Horridon trash. Group wiped for about 35 minutes due to double pulls, players not standing on the steps, or not spreading out for Spitfire Beam.

Horridon was a one shot. Enrage timer said in 30 seconds though, seems tightly tuned for 0%.

CoE trash was not a problem, just lengthy.

Wiped once on CoE to Sul, then another raid member suggested a great cheese strat: hero at the start and DPS the sand guy down really low. Some DPS just got on the Frost King anyway (maybe the language barrier), but it worked out fine. I kept on DPSing him throughout the next two empowers. Sul got empowered 4th, and he was already at 10% by that time. He's the only real threat, so I suggest others try this strat too. I whittled the priest down after Sul died. It's ok if all the healing adds hit, but the shadowed add is a one shot.

All in all took longer than I expected. About 90 minutes or so for 2 bosses.
I guess we'll see what the weekend brings.

Did another LFR today. One wipe on Council. Much better than the thursday night run.

The strategy on Council was: all melee on Sul, ranged on empowered guy. Almost worked the first time, but adds got out of control. More attention to adds (and kicking an afk healer) made the second try cake. Agree with Digerati that something like that will be the standard LFR strategy.

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