Daily Quests Reset ?

So.......... it's past the normal time for dailies to reset, did they change the time on us again without saying anything?
Looks like it has changed 2 times. Last week on Twisting Nether I rushed to turn in some dailies after the time change, first weekend in March and they all turned in. I got the msg that they reset at 6am Central time. Today I did some August Celestial's dailies before 6am - hopped over to another toon that had done some Golden Lotus dailies and they had already reset, this was at 5:45am Central.

Consistency, something Blizz is beginning to fail at consistantly lately. This is something that Dev's need to post something somewhere that is easy to find, when exactly the dailies reset. This 5am one week and then 6am the next week is total BS.

On a similar line, the Every day I'm Pandaren - 25 Pandaren dailies in the same reset period is broken. I did some before 6am, got tired and went to bed for about 8 hours. I logged back in and did more dailes and got the achievement. So I think that achievement is based on the midnight to 11:59pm clock rather than the time the dailes reset to 1 minute before that time the next day.

Anyway - this would be less complicated if someone at Blizz would clear up this mess.
Daylight savings screwed it up somehow and some servers are in Arizona with no DST. Craft cooldowns (including farm) reset at 3am Pacific Standard Time and dailies reset at 4am PST.

Only ones that get totally messed up are the work orders at the farm. Crops will mature (and be harvestable) an hour before the daily quest is ready for it. Don't pick those crops unless you see a blue ! on the shipping wagon.

Most people don't get affected cuz they're sleeping but I'm in Hawaii with no daylight savings so it's confuzzlement twice a year!
5.3 screwed it up again, quests have been resetting at 4am PST, but now they reset at 3am PST.

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