Picked up wrong dailies for Isle of Thunder

I clicked on the PvP instead of PvE for the dailies. Is there anyway of restarting it or am I stuck doing the PvP ones?
Well stuck til tomorrow when you can re-pick from the table. Not stuck forever.

You should just get the quests and do them - PvP ones aren't really PvP (can kill NPCs OR players) and the reward structure is different but not a real big deal.

e. Not really sure about the restarting thing. Maybe open a ticket with the word STUCK in it for faster response.
I have a similar issue. I am valor capped and wanted to run the PvP dailies I clicked PvE because its what I am used to. Now I am locked out of them for the day and can't run with my friends. Blizzard, please put in a way to switch if you haven't picked up any of the quests for PvE or PvP...

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