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What races would you like to see playable? And to what faction? Doesn't matter how implausible.

For me, it's as follows.

Name: High Elves
Faction: Alliance
Reason: High Elves are an established Alliance race and heavily involved in the lore. The fact that they are a shattered race with no home and no clear leader only makes them more compelling. While the former lieutenant to the old ranger general is regent to the Blood Elves, I doubt most High Elves would bow to his marshal law, even less so because he's reduced himself to subsisting on demonic energy.

Name: Half Elves
Faction: Alliance
Reason: Half Elves are normally abandoned by their Elven parents, it seems to me that they would be already part of the Alliance.

Name: Mok'Nathal
Faction: Horde
Reason: Some Mok'Nathal have already joined the Horde, namely Rexxar, they should be playable.

Name: Ogres
Faction: Horde
Reason: The Ogres have long been a part of the Horde, while most other races consider them to stupid, some Ogres have shown a surprising degree of intelligence. It's not to farfetched to assume some of these might become heroes of the Horde.

Name: Forest Trolls
Faction: Horde
Reason: At one point, the Forest Trolls were a part of the Horde under Zol'jin. Now they are in disarray. I think it would be cool if they rejoined the Horde under the Darkspear banner.

Name: Tuskar
Faction: Horde, Neutral
Reason: I think the Tuskar would best integrate with the Horde, mostly because of their simple shamanistic beliefs, although arguments could be made for their neutrality. There is the unfortunate problem of them dying in warm weather. But this can be retconned as needed.

Name: Wolvar
Faction: Neutral
Reason: I'm torn with the Wolvar They have the ability to craft tools and weapons, making them competent mercenaries, but their lack of sophistication and warlike tendencies hold them back from allying one way or the other.

Name: Werewolves
Faction: Horde
Reason: I'm not talking about Worgen. Werewolves existed in Warcraft lore long before Arugal summoned them to Azeroth, as seen in WOTLK in the Howling Fjord. It's not entirely unreasonable to assume a group would join the Horde to spite the Worgen, indeed, the latter's appearance throughout Azeroth may provoke the legendary creatures out of hiding.

Name: Mogu
Faction: Neutral
Reason: While the powerful and dominant Mogu may seem more suited to the Horde than the Alliance, the Mogu are intelligent, developed a sophisticated society and respect strength, which can be found in the Horde and Alliance in equal measures.

Name: Gnolls
Faction: Horde
Reason: The bestial Gnolls have plagued Human lands since time immemorial, with the Humans consolidating their holdings in Elwynn, it's only a matter of time till the Gnolls are driven to the brink of extinction. Will they look to the Horde for support? Some are intelligent and capable on an individual level, it seems plausible.

Name: Centaur
Faction: Alliance
Reason: The Centaur hold no love for the Horde, despite the obvious animation problems, they would otherwise make good members of the Alliance

Name: Naga
Faction: Neutral
Reason: Not likely, but it would be cool.
What races would you like to see playable? And to what faction?

None, not until they figure out how to give lore to the ones that already exist.
I really, really, really would like playing as a Saurok, but I don't think it could believably happen.

Also, I'd rather have more variations on our current races. Brown Orcs, Forest Trolls, Taunka, etc.
03/14/2013 10:08 PMPosted by Kyalin
What races would you like to see playable? And to what faction?

None, not until they figure out how to give lore to the ones that already exist.

I ll co sign that , fix the lore first
As I mentioned in another thread, ogres. High elves would be cool too for the alliance. Both races already have a wealth of lore and night give Blizz a chance to work on the other races lore alongside them.

I actually can't even think of another race that would make sense being playable at this point but who knows. Blizz has thrown curve balls before (I'm looking at you Draenei and worgen).
03/14/2013 10:08 PMPosted by Kyalin
What races would you like to see playable? And to what faction?

None, not until they figure out how to give lore to the ones that already exist.


Blizzard has enough issues trying to get story for all of races. Adding more races will just muck it up.
I agree, they should add more variation to races like the ones already said such as forest trolls, mag'har, and taunka, but also Dragonmaw orcs, Dark Iron Dwarves, Wildhammer with the tatoos, the like.
High elves I guess? Though I would love to see some sort of High Elf/Blood elf conflict in the future maybe even a battle for silvermoon.
pearlfin i love those fish guys!

No. There are no non-Worgen werewolves in WoW. The werewolf in Howling Fjord is a Worgen who came down from Grizzly Hills. He isn't a "legendary creature". He is a Worgen who somehow learned to disguise himself like a full Worg, and used it to take control of a Worg pack. Since player-characters disguise themselves as wolves or worgs all the time, turning into a Worg isn't that impressive of a trick when you're already close to one.

"Garwal was not a worg at all! The thing you describe him turning into sounds a lot like a worgen!

But, Ulfang said that it came south from the Grizzly Hills? Odd. There aren't any worgen there.

I thank you for helping to restore Ulfang to his proper place amongst his pack. Now we both will be able to sleep peacefully."

It's foreshadowing for the fact that, yes, there's Worgen in Grizzly Hills.

Seriously, come on. We have Werewolves. Just because they were given a different name is no reason to keep searching for "real" werewolves.
Mark Naga off as Horde. Given their utter and complete hatred for the Night Elves and the connections they've made with the Sindorei in Warcraft 3 and that's pretty clear.

For the people who say "No new races." You will be disappointed.

Quilboar. Maybe Alliance, maybe Horde, it works about as well either way.

Hozen and Jinyuu, faction affiliation is pretty obvious here.

Taunka and Yuangol, these can just be Tauren Reskins.

Broken, by the same token could be a Draenei option.

Sporregar, neutral.

Harpies, Horde.

Good one.
Sub-Races would be better than having completely new races. Also I like the Neutral Race idea as-well, more oppose to the 2 races for each faction.
Saurok, Ethereal and Quilboar are my top three.
No more,please. Dave Kosak keeps saying in interviews that he can't add new lore for each race every expansion/patch so lets not make his job harder.

New Races and Classes sell expansion packs and keep people subscribed long enough to level an alt. Until making money stops mattering to Blizzard, you can expect them to keep adding new races or classes and of the two of them, races are easier. More art resources, but less tweaking and balancing and so less work in the long run.
I'm on the fence about new race additions. On the one hand there are playable races that I would really love to see but on the other hand I want them to give better development to the races that still feel lacking in presence in the story.

But despite that, here are my racial ideas between factions that I would like to personally see.


Tuskarr (I'll admit this might be the hardest sell but they've pretty much broken their Lore anyway so eh.)

Other race ideas I had were Tol'vir for Alliance and Nerubian for Horde but these races suffer the problem of not being bipedal so it's not very foreseeable.

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