Sunsong Ranch - Faction Rep. Attackable

Bug Report
Completed my work orders today, and set them out to be collected. I tossed out my new seeds, and started rounding up all the 'alluring' crops to take the pests out at one time. As I was doing this, the Golden Lotus representative came up to collect the work order, and I noticed his name was in red, he was attackable, and was being hit by my AoE. I checked my reputation tab and made sure I wasn't 'at war' with Golden Lotus, which I wasn't (it's not even possible to be, as I found out).

Seeing as I can only do these quests once a day, I have no way of knowing for sure (until tomorrow, at least) that it was my attacking the plainshawks that caused him to be flagged an enemy when he came on the farm, but that's the first time I recall attacking the pests while they collected, so that's my guess.

Didn't seem to cause any harm; my quest was already done, he didn't attack me, and I don't appear to have lost any rep, just a strange issue.

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