Aspect..... Y u no interest?

I miss wild, being able to quickly swap for nature based raid mechanics was useful.
I use Aspect of the Cheetah and Pack pretty frequently, and see no reason to remove them from the game just because I spend most of my game time in Aspect of the Hawk. As far as making stances more interesting, or adding more interesting stances... why bother. The last time I thought about this... I thought it might be nice to have a stance that, among other things, extended our range (re: Eagle Eye). That's as far as I got with that thought. Let me put it this way: after having had to put up with Aspect of the Fox, which was absolute rubbish, I think I came to the conclusion that Blizzard's attention in this area of the hunter's game -- apart from their gradually simplifying it over time -- is not desirable. Some people complain that the loss of Fox "dumbed down" the game, but I'm having a hell of a lot more fun firing off my shots on the move without having to attend to some annoying mechanic.

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