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Bioshock, but I will eventually.

There's a freebie of Bioshock if you preorder Bioshock: Infinite on Steam. Not that it's expensive, but...free! Sorta.
I never played the FF series. I try and I try and I try but I can not for the life of me generate enough interest to try it. Sad really because I love rpgs and especially jrpgs.
If you've got an iPhone (maybe a Droid, too), you can buy some modern remakes of the first few FFs. I'd recommend against getting III or IV right off the bat, though; III because it's tedious to the extreme, IV because it's based off of the DS version, which is universally agreed to be the toughest, most unfair version of that game released. :P
Never played Halo or Mass Effect
i ever wante to play legend of zelda, but i just could play oracle of seasons and time in gameboy color, because i never had a nintendo 64 D:
man, i still want to play this games...
Never played Halo or Mass Effect

IMO both games are awesome, but ME is the best game i ever playe, the whole serie...
my opinion of course...
Ohhh god. Let's start making this list.

All the LoZ games with the exception of a few. Absolutely hated the few I played, and they're all an identical formula. I'm not touching them again.
Bioshock. Just watching it, it is NOT my kind of game, at all.
Any Pokemon games past Red/Blue.
Any GTA game. Still not my kinda thing.
Dues Ex. Any game that doesn't get started within half an hour is hardly worth my time. Half an hour of playing the new one, and I was still watching a cutscene. I'll just go watch a movie, they've usually got better writing.
Dead Space. Looks amazingly boring.
Any Final Fantasy other than FF:Tactics.
Resident Evil.
God of War.
Mass Effect, other than a few hours of ME3. Got amazingly bored of the cycle of "stealth, sniper headshot, reload, repeat" to kill absolutely everything.

I could keep this list going for YEARS, but I won't.

Protip: all the best games are the ones people don't play or talk about. See: Devil Survivor, Valkeria Chronicles, PAYDAY: The Heist, etc
Throwing my hat in with Bioshock, although there is obviously a few others. Bioshock is just that "it" game that so many people loved but I just cannot imagine enjoying it. I played the demo and just wasn't inspired. To be fair though I don't generally like survival horror FPS. And it almost pains me really. Every time I'm in Gamestop I'll be looking at it like "...I still haven't played this... /stares at cover for 20 minutes... nope not buying it."
Bioshock has a really cool story but it's very easy. Don't start with "Normal" mode if you have any experience with FPS games.

Majora's Mask is actually my favorite Zelda. It's weirder, darker and more challenging than any of the Zeldas that have come out since. Zelda II was still harder, though that one felt more like I was playing Metroid or Castlevania.

Games I'd like to try still:

Dark Souls - Heard it was pretty brutal, but not in a cheap or glitchy way like some of the old NES games I used to play.

Shadow of the Colossus - I actually have this game but I've just not gotten around to it.

Siren 2 - Not exactly popular (only released in Japan and EU) but the first one was so disturbing and difficult. Doesn't seem like people can convert it to NA systems without problems.

Ys Oath in Felghana - Not super popular either, but it's sitting in my Steam right now. Just haven't had time to play it. I own Ys I,II,III for the Turbografx CD, but my stupid brother put the console somewhere in storage after borrowing it. It has some of the best music ever.

Fallout: New Vegas - Also sitting in Steam, untouched. I keep getting bored of The Elder Scrolls games, but I enjoyed the dark humor and atmosphere in Fallout 3.

Borderlands 1/2 - Heard they are fun and addictive.
Mass Effect series, and Dead Space series. Never, really got much into the Halo games, played first one some, and Halo Reach, and that was about it.
I regret the fact that I never go into Final Fantasy.
If its been released in the last 10 years and its not an MMO I probably haven't played it. There are a few exceptions ( new Mario Cart and Super Mario for the Wii + NHL and NCAA spots games) but for instance I haven't touched a FPS since Doom.
Gears of War, Forza
I've never played any console game, Mass Effect, KOTOR, or Skyrim.
Dead space, battlefield, Assassins creed, Bioshock and prob much more.
The Dead Space Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, all of the Zelda games except Oracle of Seasons, all of the Mario games(unless you count Super Smash Bros.), Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, all of the Metroid games, Metal Gear Solid, Chrono Trigger...

I could go on for hours.
Ohhh god. Let's start making this list.

All the LoZ games with the exception of a few. Absolutely hated the few I played, and they're all an identical formula. I'm not touching them again.

I dont get it. Zelda is really the only game I'd say changes just the right amount each time so that its new but feels similar.

Then again thats not always a good thing. Skyward sword sucked.

Which ones did you play?

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