you all happy with post cata Hunter's Mark?

I'm finding I just wish it was back to the old way of just casting hunter's mark.
At this point manual cast Hunter's Mark should just be turned into a cooldown like rogues Vendetta, except with something more interesting than just a flat +% damage increase.

Maybe something like, for 20-30s your direct damage shots pierce the target, and hit an additional nearby target within 10yds, on a 2m cooldown, or whatever. Some sort of non-permanent cleave like effect. But it could be anything really.

Even though I still manually cast it all the time before a fight just out of burned-in habit, it really serves little purpose anymore to do so.
I do both. I manually cast it on a boss once we are getting ready, that or when I send in my pet first.
I miss the old block arrow that bobbed up and down back in the day. The current arrow is all fangle-danglely fancy-schmancy.
bake it into our damage and change to a cooldown like "hawk eye" you see stealthed and invisible targets for 15 sec
I honestly don't see the point in it anymore now that the glyph is baseline. It's a nice quality of life change, but in all honesty at this point the only reason it's there is because it'd be too hard to just roll it into our damage.
I am happy that in pve it kicks in automatically. In pvp I use it like I always have on stealth targets. I see a rogue or druid I cast HM on them period. If the stealth is out of range to attack HM is as good as it always was for marking a stealth beyond combat range.

I know once I swap targets the mark does as well, this is what sucks big time. I am good at finding rogue without HM, you can hear the stealth sound easily with track hidden on. I do still wish I could set it and forget it with HM like we used to do.

I will say HM was in a different situation in todays WoW. With rogues having a few ways to wipe it off and vanish, it didn't have the impact it once had. I would still HM a rogue or feral asap when I'd see them, especially far away out of combat range to be a pest to them. In all honesty by time they are in range HM you really aren't worried about it is all your other abilities and killing the stealther. For me I still get the same use out of HM against stealth as before more or less.

What I wish for would be a buff to flare which seems to be much less effective these days. At least speed up the time it takes from clicking flare to actually landing. Just seems pretty weak on top of the change to HM.

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