Cloud Nine in Twin Peaks

This achievement could use some refining(nerf) a la 'Steady Hands' in the Strand of the Ancients. Getting upto 9 seems nigh on impossible, a slight decrease down to 6 sounds more than fair for this achievement. Now that the 'Khan' title has been introduced a lot more people will be working towards the Master of Twin Peaks achievement and this one is the major roadblock in that path, it would be nice if Blizzard could look into reducing it slightly.

Any thoughts/feedback is welcome.
This achievement isn't bad, just need to "search elsewhere" aka google to figure out how to properly do it. =P
This achievement isn't bad, just need to "search elsewhere" aka google to figure out how to properly do it. =P

Pretty sure the glitch you're refering to was hotfixed some time ago. No cheating to get it anymore.

The basic part is going to be like any other battleground achievment. Go in with a group of five. With five of the ten people you control the game. Period.

The best start is for one of your party members to grab the flag and hold it while you camp near the flag room and just blow up enemy FC's. Once the enemy FC is low (say 10% or so) you stop damage and just start spam clicking the screen so you can get the return as soon as it drops.

Once your flag carrying partner's debuff stacks reach a certain level (and the better you and your friends are at pvp the higher this is) he should drop the flag for you to grab and cap. When he does this makes sure one of your party members is in the other base to grab immediately and bring it back to you.

Make sure none of the pugs can grab the enemy flag so you control when the game ends.

It will take most likely a full game to get it done but it really isn't that hard.
I got the achievement on my druid, solo, by capping 2 of the flags and returning 7 by spam clicking when they got to about 5% or so. This was also without any bug or glitch so it's defenitely doable but you have to be focused on getting it during the battleground. It won't happen just by chance.

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