Diminishing returns and chimaeras in PVP

I use my chimaera very often in pvp for the slow with low cooldown and constant uptime. I wasn't sure how diminishing returns impacts their slow ability. I have been doing arenas more and wasn't sure if this pet was as much of a help as I first thought when factoring in DRs.

Is there a point where DRs makes the slow worthless?

My understanding was after being hit with a slow so many times each consecutive application is of lesser effect and I got into thinking my chimaera might not be as effective as I thought in arenas, especially if my pet is stuck on the same targer for some time.

Thanks for any replies!
I dont think so, if im not mistaken, chimeras slow has a shorter duration than its cd. I believe slows have no diminishing returns, the chimeras slow lasts for 5 secs, has a 7 sec cd, thus there will be 2 secs of the target being free of the slow for every cd.

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