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How the heck do I kill him? He just hits so damn hard, me and another Rogue couldn't even kill him. Any tips?
Can solo the pve minibosses when I choose that option but not the pvp one -- seems this needs to be rethought.
Blizzard has always subtly slapped Alliance in the face with disappointing things like the lack of transportation between cities (while Horde has zeppelins connecting every city and the Orb of Translocation) and the water surrounding the Horde base in Twin Peaks, creating an almost inevitable obstacle for Alliance Flag Carriers, but this one seems to me to be pretty blunt. "Kill a practical boss in the middle of the only opposite-faction town in the zone," while their equivalent isn't even near the Alliance town. There are no guards and there is no reason for Alliance players to even be near the Demolisher. Just my two cents. Oh, and I'm also tired of GM's responding to everything with "Try the new 'Submit Suggestion' tab." Even when it regards in-game issues, like the Battleground buff "Spirit Heal" not affecting Monks. Just how I feel.

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