Anyone tried Cenarion Ward since the patch?

See title. They buffed it by something like 100%, right? So is it worth having now? If you have tried it, how have you been using it, and how well did that work?
Cenarion Ward is amazing!!

At the low in its 3 ticks of 30k every 2sec. At 30sec cd thats 180k low end healing every minute..

Now this can crit, so get lucky and get all crits, 60k every 2sec, 360k healing every min.

This also scales with procs and cds! With Heart of the wild up i got it to tick 3 ticks of 110k! 330k healing in 6secs!

This can be casted while SILENCED!! That is huge..

It doesnt activate until hit, so you can keep it up on CD. Rogue opens on you, warr charges, mage deeps. Your going to have this go off and start healing, with a new one soon to come. This on top of rejuvs i am in love with it as a boomkin...
If you know how to use it, Cenarion Ward is a very powerful self heal. Because it activates on damage, you need to use it either when you know you will be taking a lot of damage or if you're starting to approach about half. If you try and use it in an "OH SH*T" moment, it won't do you any good. But if you pop it with, say, a spell power trinket or you're running DoC/HotW, the healing buff added to CW is very, VERY powerful (I'm talking near 100k to 100k+ ticks).
I've been running it consistently and to be honest I think it comes in handy more often than NS at least in 10s. The great thing is a tank is always taking constant damage and you can place it prior to the start of any boss fight since it's triggered off of damage.

Take a look at Horridon here @

Notice the OH is less than ALL my spells on this fight.


Still only 50% OH


44% OH

Not so good on Durumu

Awesome on primordious @ 20% OH and 4.5% total healing! NS can beat that? Don't think so.

If you think about how you use NS consider a few facts

1: People often 'sit' on NS not taking advantage of the 1m CD and waiting for a 'oh sh@t moment'.
2: OH is not a concern with rolling rejuv and is a lousy argument to not use CW.
3: Total healing is certainly superior to NS for a majority of people.
4: Can be placed on a tank prior to the pull without aggro.
5: Is 'triggered' by damage unlike RJ.
6: Is itself a 'mini' CD.
7: Can be worked into rotation with minimal effort.

I can think of more reasons but I really suggest people give it a whirl.
I was using it as Resto for this last week's LFR runs, it was a nice tool, LB/Rejuv rolling on one tank, Rejuv/CW on the other or if I didn't have a OOC proc it's a nice tool for triaging while I finish healing up someone else.
If you know how to time it with incoming damage/current HoTs on your target (or yourself) it currently can yield the best HPS/tier talent, other than fight specific talents (I.E. NS beats everything for Tsulong for a Resto, or Renewal for a major self heal for a Scholo type encounter where you're by yourself)

Personally, it's my default choice for Guardian and Resto. I love it.
Hmmm, I wonder how nice it would be for RBGs. Having a powerful tool to help a target they switch to, on a low cooldown, would be useful.

Right now in I usually use NS > Healing touch, to try to quickly keep someone alive. It usually gives about 120K (without pvp power and without battle fatigue or MS). So a 240K crit (but my crit rate is maybe 8%).

Cenarion Ward looks like it will heal for about the same, 120K, but on a 30 second cooldown. Hmmmm.
ns clone is too powerful in pvp though....pve it's probably worth it however
ns clone is too powerful in pvp though....pve it's probably worth it however

I was running it as boom for a couple RBGs and in terms of healing it far trumps NS, but as you mentioned NS clone is too good.
If you think about how you use NS consider a few facts

As a bear I'm actually currently Renewal specced because NS can be a hassle to use, and it's nice to have an "oh $*#%" button when all the healers are busy moving out of fire or whatever. Plus, it scales with maximum health, so it seems good for a spec that not only has a maximum health boost built in, but also sometimes has stam trinkets and consumables.

Glad to see that some people are liking C-Ward, though. Maybe I'll try it in some 5.0 LFRs and see how that works out before I take it to ToT.

It is a little odd that they let NS work on utility spells while the other two are pure survival, though.
Not gonna lie, if I didn't need NS for the brez while tankin (not always needed, but its helpful when it is) I would have stuck with Cenarion Ward.

Its funny because I actually liked it and thought it was perfectly acceptable before. Now I just keep starin at it goin, why must people die and need rezzin! /Cry
I went with it for rbgs. I was getting 70k crit ticks. We have a boomy so i feel that ns clone is/can be covered by him. Also i love soul of the forest for resto. It makes you a fantastic offensive healer. I will say it was rough dropping ns because of the versatility it does offer.

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