<Echo Deathsquad I> is recruiting!

EDI is a recently transferred guild from Area 52. We are RL friends who are wanting to build a progression raiding guild. We are also wanting to move into Pvp as well for S13.

Our raid times are Thurs/Fri 830-1130 est.
We do require full enchants, gems, and proper knowledge of your class.

Our current needs are as follows:
1 Main tank
1 Off tank with dps OS
Heals. (all atm)
1 Heal with dps OS
1 ranged ( Ele sham or mage)

Also recruiting a PVP officer to run our RBG's.

We also accept social members and levelers.

For more info please contact:

GM: Deadbeéf - Btag - ChefQuin#1360
Co GM: Mosh - Btag = Bunnee#1886
Officer Bùnnee - Btag = Bunnee#1500

Thank You and happy travels!
Need a few more people to start raiding this coming week.
Bump, still LFM. open to everyone :)
Still looking for more experienced raiders. Add me in game to talk about your new raid spot.
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