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I play kind of far from the screen, comfortable on my living room sofa. Is there a way to make the text and/or windows for the descriptions of the quests bigger? Maybe even full screen until after I read it? Currently I have to get up and walk closer to the screen every time I get a new quest to read the details. Is there a way I can stay on my lazy butt and still read the quests text?

Thanks in advance!
WoW isn't meant to be played on a television screen at console distance, as you can, "not" see here. You can increase the UI scale (found in the graphics options) but other than that you'll need to use an AddOn that can change font sizes or change your setup so you're playing at a normal desk.
It's fairly old, but the suggestions in this thread my help.
Never used an AddOn before, this gave me exactly the information I needed!

Thank you Spanner!

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