Who's line is it anyway: Cross Server Pug

Ok so this is a blast from the past but I just found it in my photo bucket and I had to share. Back in the day we had a little thread going called Who's line is it anyway pug version where we pulled all kinda pranks in the new cross server LFG.. I decided my prank would be RP themed. So just for fun I went a bought me a semi matching set of low level plate armor 20-40 and que'd up. When the que popped I dawned my sterling new set and prepared to get some lol's. Now remember this was prior to transmog so I was actually in some very low gear lol.

The photo's below show my chat logs with my LFG group :)

http://imgur.com/9P7IrZV <-- My fancy new RP SET.

http://imgur.com/AXR0kMG <-- Breaking the ICE.

http://i.imgur.com/UWD7y9m.jpg <-- I stopped to pray for each group of undead trash mobs ROFL.

http://imgur.com/yC7o9oZ <-- Laying it on thick.

http://i.imgur.com/is7qcyV.jpg. <-- Letting them off the hook.

Man I was laughing so hard the whole time... what a blast. Hope y’all get a good laugh out of it.
I cannot find these files, you must be missing something in your post. I actually think the idea is funny if you do not get yourself kicked out of the group for being an idiot. Not everyone will find it funny!
This probably would work better for you. Click the left arrows to go to the next screenshot.


Edit: and although one person threatened kicking, one of the other PuG immediately said, "But he's a good tank... "
Yeah I didn't take it to the point of getting kicked lol. Put my real gear on right after that last screenshot and we smashed the instance.. everyone got a great laugh. Good times!

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