[A] <Wrathful Warriors> lvl80. WOTLK. UPDATE

Stormreaver Alliance <Wrathful Warriors> Isnt you normal "lets go level and do end game content" guild. We look purely for enjoyment and adventure. We are a level 80 twink guild. Looking to redo old content from Wrath of the Lich King, starting off with Naxxramas.

We will being doing 10man. Unless we get enough people for 25 man. But for now we are recruiting 10man.

We are looking for..
Tanks - DK - Warrior. We have our tanks. Still taking back up
Healers - Druid - Shaman
RDPS - Spriest with holy OS - Mage - Warlock
MDPS - - Warrior - Rogue - Pally We have them covered for 10 man core. But for back up.

Raid times - NYD

There will be no use of any cata gear at all.
No Worgens/Pandas
No Monks.
No levels 81+
No geting ran by a group of 90s for gear. <Insta GKick>

My Battle Tag is #Borsker1288
Its how i roll.

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