Any Elemental Shaman Tips for TORTOS ?

Just attempting Tortos and seems to be the (So Far) the worst Boss fight for
me as elemental to do great dmg/ dps as Elemental. Spec'd PE / EotE.

Asc at start on Tortos, then call of Tortos I'll CL off 1st Turtle until I have to move.
Then it's a free for all trying to move away from Rock falls and Whirly Turtles, etc
and my dps just does a nose dive. I try to do bats but the last turtle is still up and the melee is sucking pp all the damage/ dps on the bats before I can get there..

any tips for ele shaman on this one?

Thanks !

Looks like you're on turtle duty. There are two plans to help you here. Plan A is as follows:

1) Lobby for bat duty. If your raid can handle the turtles without you, then your kit is much better used on bats/boss.

2) If #1 doesn't work, or you're a primary or backup turtle kicker proceed with plan B.

Plan B:

1) Use the general ST rotation for turtle killing. CL spam isn't really worth it till you hit 4-5 targets, and they live long enough for you to put everything into them.
2) If there's only one turtle left whirling and bats are up (and there's enough time for the raid to kill the last turtle) swap to the bats anyways. This step is purely meter-padding, and isn't suggested for progression.
3) Swap to boss when all else is dead.

General tips:

1) SWG is available for every other Quake Stomp if I remember correctly (might be every third.) Make sure you're using it at every good opportunity for it.
2) If you've got a fresh bat wave, have Ascendance available, and REALLY want to pad the meters, then Ascend + Lava Beam it to death.

This fight is pretty straightforward. Single-target the turtles down. AoE the bats when you can. ST the boss if nothing else can be done. SR pre-QS and SWG when you can post-QS. If you aren't on turtles there's little-nothing else to the fight on normal mode.
I had the same problem on Tortos, but then after a thorough talking to from my raid leader, I changed up my ways. I kept flame shock up on as many targets as I could (You can keep it on turtles waiting to be kicked) for lava surge procs, and poured lava bursts into whatever had a flame shock on it. As an ele sham, I believe most of your damage should just be poured into the bats via chain lightning. I hug a wall to minimize the chance that I get hit by turtle shells.

33% of my damage done for the entire fight was chain lightning on bats.
I'm sorry but when I saw the title was Tips for Tortos, I expected more mechanic tips and ways to maximize dps. All I see here is how to pad the meter and not down the boss.

I don't use PE, so I won't comment too much on that. What I will say is that, as ranged, you should mostly be on turtle duty. So doesn't your elemental chase around the turtles instead of doing actualy dps? I understand using PE for movement heavy fights, but don't the adds move too fast for the elemental? I might have to try this myself to check it out.

I use ascendance at the start, but after that I will not hesitate to use it to burn down turtles. Getting those things to stop moving is, in my opinion, the key to winning on this boss. Your overall dps does not matter if you can make the fight easy. Your healers will love you for it.

Melee are not going to chase turtles around, so obviously they are going to have much higher dps on stationary targets (and cleaving if dps'ing the bats).

Putting flame shock on dead turtles is wasting globals in my opinion. You are better off casting LB. Those 3 or 4 globals used putting up flame shock could have been spent on nuking a turtle. It is a far better strat to focus 1 turtle at a time, than to have the raid independently focusing different turtles.
Using CL on bats is not padding meters. They need to die, and that means your melee can get back to the boss faster, where they're also better.

Now, I do suggest going all out single target on the very first set of turtles - that's because you NEED that first turtle to die before the first breath.

After that, the multi-dotters and other incidental damage will take care of the rest of the turtles, while you can CL the bats.
Thanks for the tips.

After a few whispers to the GM and telling him that my AOE was better served on bats I Was put on Bats as soon as they spawned and were gathered up rather than chasing turtles around ,which was horrible.

As far as the slows, that's not really an issue. Don't know what slow it us but they seem to be
barely moving when we slow them. Seems about 60 to 70 slowed? (guess).

Just with all the movement , most of my casts are Lightning Bolt which hardly seems to crit.
Just waiting for Lava Surges is like watching water boil.

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