Progression Team recruiting

Hey ladies and gents,

Currently looking for a couple elitist players looking to push progress on Zul'jin. We're new to the server, but not new to raiding. Currently we have 7/10 of the positions filled by xfers. We came to Zul'jin to alleviate low population server problems.

Past Experience:
9/16(H) *staggered progress, MoP
8/8(H) DS
7/7(H) FL
13/13(H) Cata
*Formation of our original team

Our raid times are Wed/Thu/Sun -- 9:30 - 12:30 Server (EST) *Sometimes Monday's for extra progress.

What's in it for you?
We've been raiding for years together, as such, extremely relaxed atmosphere. We have food/flasks/pots, etc. Willing to help with minor tweaks and perfectionist type questions. Absolutely no qualms with elaborating if needed.

What we need?
We need top of their class players that bring jokes and new music to mumble every night. If you can't wipe through progress while laughing and having a good time, stop playing. Period.

Classes we need:
a) MW Monk with WW off spec;
Ele Shaman; and


b) Resto Shaman with Ele OS;
Mage; and

Contact: Scotty0787#1913
*in game mail to this toon will be sufficient as well*
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