<NC XVII> 2/16H 2/12ToT LF RDPS

Hello from the Bleeding Hollow server (est)

LF 1 lock / ele sham / or boomkin for immediate fill looking to go deep into heroic raiding.

Sure, you can be lured by all the top server guilds with top progression with their recruitment spams. But will you raid, or be forced to sit in the shrine till way too late at night waiting for the call? Will you see loot, or are you going to watch core raiders get weps and trinks without even a chance to roll? I've just cleaned house, and have a cadre of endgame raiders looking for people as motivated and hungry as they are for immediate fill.

Are you one of the hardest working raiders you know? Do you work hard enough to see heroics every tier? Tired of being forced to play with people that aren't willing to switch specs to maximize output, don't care to understand how to take advantage of procs, closet clickers who cant dance with Will or avoid attenuation, don't know what "pre-potting", is or how many ticks they can get when reaching their haste cap? Our goal is to be a top server guild, and are recruiting raiders who are dedicated to playing at their highest potential and achieving that same goal. Every one of our raiders know they can be replaced at anytime, and play for keeps. So if you're as good as you think you are, you will raid.

Preference given to applicants who can provide relevant parses

We're all friends in NC XVII, and we like to have fun while raiding -and fun for us is killing bosses and working to be competitive. 8/8 Heroic DS, 2/16H T14 (lots of roadblocks that tier) & looking to put a mushroom stamp on the forehead of 5.2

T13 progression - http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/NC+XVII/rating.tier13

- Laziness is not an option in our team. Candidates are required to have researched your PROPER stat weights (knowing soft-caps, etc..), gemmed and reforged accordingly, and have a 600 skill level in both major professions (preferably professions that provide good raid utility). If we can compare your stats to anyone of your class in the top 100 and you're 180° out, then it is assumed you have not taken the first steps to maximize your value to our raids, and will not be considered.

- We require the highest quality gear available for current content. This requires that the applicant be revered / exalted with all the relevant factions, or actively working towards it. Putting good quality time into getting yourself geared and ready for progression raiding is the minimum requirement for all prospective raiders.

- All gear should be gemmed/enchanted with the highest quality mats reasonable (EX: you don't necessarily need a BiS enchant at 5k gold if the gear your'e enchanting is not your BiS, but the next best enchant does need to be applied).

- We utilize World of Logs as a primary way to gauge the strength of our raiders, and strongly prefer a consistent minimum of 60% ranking with a working goal of 75% or better. We also have a reward program for those who rank at 100% or better.

- We combine good common sense with utilization of web optimizer programs (such as AskMrRobot.com, Simulationcraft.org, or WowReforge.com) for our reforging / gemming / enchanting to minimize any human errors. And yes, even you make errors.

- Loot rules are free rolls MS>OS for 'raiders', with tier tokens,weapons, and trinkets reserved for those that have earned a core 'raider' spot.

Open positions are:
Looking for 1 hard hitting, dedicated lock/ele/or boomkin

Raid times are Tues/Wed 715-10 and Sun 7-10.

Upon receiving a guild invite you will be assigned a rank of "trial raider" or "trial member" (depending on what you are applying for), until deemed appropriate for a promotion to the rank of "raider", or "member". The rank of "raider" entitles you to:

    - free guild repairs
    - free rolls on all usable loot (MS>OS)
    - eligibility for a 5k gold reward for a 100% ranking or better in WoLs.
    - guaranteed raid spot with our core progression group, provided performance continues to be unchallenged and attendance is dependable

Wisp a member in game -or- (preferably) app at www.ncxvii.enjin.com
(Applying will allow us to effectively communicate with you concerning raids and recruitment status via email)

Battle Tag - Juda#1210

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