Guild Recruitment
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Get ready for a fresh Raid starting tomorrow with more Heroic Bosses to down.
Looking for a disc/holy priest, resto shammy, and mistweaver monk to round out our healy team. All exceptional healers please feel free to apply!
Still searching for more talented Late Night Raiders. ^_^
Heroic Megaera down putting us at 3/13 Heroic. Onto Heroic Ji-Kun next!
Today is a great day to fry a Heroic Ji-Kun. Come join us in Heroic Throne of Thunder Late Night Raiding. ^_^
Closing in on a Heroic Ji-Kun kill with the weekend to relax. :)
Always looking for more talented Late Night Raiders. ^_^
Fried Heroic Ji-Kun putting us at 4/13 Heroic Bosses down. Go Team! ^_^
Heroic Horridon is on our kill list for today. Let's see it drop!
Some solid progression on Heroic Horridon yesterday. We should see a kill soon!
Heroic Horridon down, 3 bosses in a week, amazing job team. 5/13 heroic, Council and Iron Qon next on the hit list. Be prepped.

Good week getting to 5/13 Heroic with the Heroic Horridon kill. Keep it up! ^_^
Still in need of a shadow priest?
Hayterr, yes in fact! You should put in an Application. :P

Looking for a Rogue and Spriest DPS and any Monk and Shammy Healers to round up our Roster. Although all exceptional players regardless of Class are welcomed to apply aswell. Enjoy the weekend! ^_^
Still searching while relaxing over the weekend!
Some solid attempts on Heroic Iron Qon today and we should hopefully kill it next week. It's been a good week with the Heroic Horridon kill putting us at 5/13 Heroic. ^_^
Bring on Heroic Iron Qon!
Up with Late Night Raiding!
Still looking for holy/disc priest, resto shaman, and mistweaver!

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