Season in the Mist-IC

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Xian Li watched the Foreigners begin to move into the back room, her curiousity peaked, she turned to the Bartender "What are all of those people doing here?" she asked, the bartender shrugger "From their talk I think they're planning some sort of expedition, couldn't tell ya to were though." "Interesting."

Nodding her thanks to the barkeeper, and paying for her meal, and lodging, Xian Li walked into the meeting room, now filled with many of the foreigners originally at the bar. She walked in to hear the Blood Elf say: If you see any Pandaren that might like to join the expedition, please ask them to come and see me.
Hm. I guess they're going to travel Pandaria, well I was planning on doing some exploring before heading home, and travel is always more fun with company, plus there are plenty of Alliance if this turns out to be a Horde trap. She thought, moving towards where the Blood Elf stood.

"Excuse me, you said you were looking for a Pandaren for an Expedition? May I ask what for?" She asked the Blood Elf as she approached.
"I know those beautiful horns of yours anywhere, Erani. What are you doing here in the middle of Pandaria?"

Erani immediately recognized that familiar echo-voice. She turned to see Lineron approaching her and smiled wryly, both at seeing her favorite death knight and being complimented on her horns. They were beautiful weren’t they?
“Lineron, I was wondering when I would see that handsome face of yours again.” She very nearly went to give him a bear hug but refrained. Cross-faction affections were generally looked down upon, and there were far too many Horde in this inn. Her common had improved significantly since she last saw him and her accent was no longer quite as thick. “I see you brought your sister as well. It is good to see you two! I am accompanying a friend of mine. She has been interested in Pandaria for quite a while so when she found out about this expedition, she begged me to take her.” Erani shrugged. “How could I say no? I really should go get her. I think you will get along well with her.”

Zikara jolted from sipping her tea at the sudden noise. Another draenei was thrashing against the wooden floor like a mad woman. Zikara stood to help but was beaten to it by the innkeeper and the human. She instantly felt lightheaded from the sudden motion, having spent most of the day running or draining her mana on levitation spells to keep up with Erani. She decided she would allow the others to help the draenei.

The priestess turned to the sound of her name. Erani was calling her from the back of the inn. As the warrior approached her she said, “I want you to meet a few friends of mine.” She glanced at the other draenei being helped to her feet by Derek and the innkeeper. Erani recognized Derek from the cavern so long ago. If she remembered correctly, her brother and a young priestess patched him up during that time. “Is she alright?”
“I am not sure. I certainly hope so,” said Zikara.

Erani looked on at the scene for a few more moments before taking Zikara by the arm. “Come, the rest are gathering in the meeting room.”
Zikara blinked from Erani’s change in topic before being dragged off, causing her tea to spill a little. Well, the other draenei was already being tended to, right? And there wasn’t much either she or Erani could do for her anyhow.

As they entered the meeting room, Zikara caught sight of Lineron and stiffened both unnerved and curious.
Erani introduced him to her. “This is Lineron, a death knight.” She noticed Zikara seemed a bit intimidated by his unholy aura, which Erani admitted was something that took some getting used to. She remembered when she herself had to stay at least a meter away from Rysill when they were first reunited. She joked to get her nerves to settle. “It is alright, Zikara. He does not bite… Well, not usually... Okay, he might bite.”

Just then Erani and Zikara were shoved aside by a young looking human making a mad dash for a platter full of ice cubes. She blinked as she watched him shove the ice cubes in his mouth, arching an eyebrow at the sight. As he finally finished eating the remaining icecubes he very calmly stood and said, "Be careful with those rolls, They're spicy..."

Zikara gave him a dark look while Erani burst out laughing.
Kialla glanced up as the innkeeper stood over her, a hand held down in gesture to help her up. Grabbing hold, she was hoisted up by the surprisingly strong arm of the pandaren. She hadn't quite expected the hold of one who held the champion of beer-bellies and ran around serving food to have the strength to pull someone of her size up so easily...and armor laden at that.

Giving a curt bow in thanks to the pandaren, Kialla caught notice of Derek as he sauntered over to her. Even in the short distance he strode from the bar, the sway of the mans steps betrayed the rogue's skill in stealth. His armor left his form a dark shadow as he approached, backlit by the window behind him.

The reddish accenting that marked creases and edges within the folds of leather that formed his armor became more prominent to the warrior as he approached. His careful movent toward her unnerved the draenei, but she quickly steeled her nerves and hardened her face.

"Hello," he greeted cautiously, hoping she wouldn't be dangerous. "Are you here for the expedition of Pandaria? If you are, we're meeting in the other room."

Kialla nodded at him, pausing as she knelt down over the pack she'd left on the floor by the chair she'd been sitting in prior. Spinning it over, she pulled open a small pouch and produced a small, green stone. It seemed to glimmer slightly, almost as if it was producing a small light of its own. Clenching it tightly, the former vindicator turned to face Derek.

"Yes, I am.... I'm here on behalf of the Explorer's League. Buenor, to be exact." Though her lips formed each word, the sound didn't emanate from her throat, but instead seemed almost telepathic as if the worgen were able to read Kialla's thoughts as she 'spoke'.

Glancing into the other room, Kialla noticed the table that was extravagantly decorated with food and drink, surrounded by those whom had made their way inside. The blurred form of Karel flew past the entrance as he darted for the ice, momentarily followed by Erani's sudden burst of laughter.

"It seems rather lively in there too..." Kialla's voice appeared in Derek's mind again, followed by something garbled in her native tongue as the warrior turned her attention for a moment, straining to see what was going on.
Derek was unnerved by the sudden voice appearing inside of his head. Where on Azeroth had that come from? He had very little experience when it came to telepathy, and so it took him a few moments of confusion before he saw the Draenei he'd helped earlier looking to him expectantly.

"Uh, yes, I assume that's where we're all meeting. I'm Derek, by the way." he fumbled. So foreign was her telepathic manner of speaking that Derek forgot to be cool and distant, instead coming off as any pleasant person would.

"What is this land doing to me?" he thought, only partly in jest. Could the land itself be changing his personality? "No, it can't be; if anything, these 'Sha' should be affecting me negatively." Pushing the thought away, he recalled his earlier doubts.

"Are you prone to things like what just happened to you? It probably wouldn't end well if you were to end up under a table in the middle of a group if enemies."
Deep purple hues flushed through Kialla's face like a roaring flame when Derek pointed out the incident that was the cause of her embarrassment. She shook her head, trying to banish the blood flowing through her cheeks.

"No...." She replied at length, her voice echoing in the rogue's mind once again. And it was true, while having an odd dream wasn't such a rarity to her, an actual physical manifestation in such a manner wasn't something she was attuned to happening... at least, she couldn't recall such a moment. She dismissed the notion reminding herself that it was the exhaustion of the hurried trip here. Why Buenor had sent her in such a hurry was beyond her, a glance around at the comforts that had been set in place told her a good day or so later and she'd still have made it in time.

She glanced over Derek once more, trying to size him up. The sudden change in his voice threw her prejudgements off as his speech fumbled while his mind raced for a reply. She decided that despite his sinister appearance, perhaps the odd man wasn't as foreboding as he put out to be.

"I don't remember something like that before... it was just a weird dream."

After she spoke, Kialla dropped the glowing stone into a small pouch on her belt, confining it with a loop knot through the small metal hook attached to the pocket's cover. Scooping her gear from the floor, she propped it up on the table. She pulled her heavy mailed gloves free and dropped them in the satchel, then reached in with a marred hand, producing a small, yellowed envelope.

"Come." She mouthed to Derek, this time the telepathic voice remaining silent as she cocked her head, nodding towards the other room. She started past him and stepped inside the large room.
Looking up as the Pandaren entered the room, Alviira smiled warmly. "Oh yes! I do need a native to help out if you would like to join us. My mission is not overly complicated, I am a historian and a scholar. I seek out more information on Pandaria and its peoples. I will be gathering information on native species of plants and animals as well as the cultures. I am a neutral Sindorei, I serve the Horde nominally, that is...I do not hide information from them. I share with the Reliquarry and the Explorer's League all the non military information I gather."

Her glance around the room took in both factions in attendance. "I strive to remain a non threatening presence in this land. Having a native guide may keep us from fumbling into danger as well as helping us to be thorough in our research. I am willing to pay you for your time as I do the rest, it is a grant I receive from the Explorer's League and the Reliquarry. I consider it a duty to the people of Azeroth to learn all we can of this beautiful land. For education purposes of course."

The entrance of the draenei and Derek piqued her curiousity, "I do hope you are well, my dear? Are you hurt from your fall?" her eyes traveled over the draenei with notation of her armor and her stance. She was worried the draenei had some sort of illness.
Lineron raised a eyebrow when the other draenei when she crashed to the floor. 'Huh, well that was odd. Next, there is going to be a Forsaken and a Hozen in a relationship. Like that will ever happen.' How wrong he was..... "She will be fine. Lets go." He before following Erani and Zikara. Before he entered the room, he tugged on his sisters robe. She glanced at him and he pointed towards the meeting room.
"Oh yes, of course." She followed behind her brother into the meeting room before sitting down. Lineron smiled at Zikara kindly when Erani introduced him, barring his sharpened teeth, then gave a curtsy bow.

"It is always to nice to meet one of Erani's friends. And don't worry I only bite if your a Twilight Cultist. Or a Cultist of the Damned. Or a High Elven traitor....." He started counting on his finger how many people he actually has bitten. "Wow.....I bite a lot. Though I suppose they deserve matter. I am sure we will get along just fine." He stepped back when a human made a mad dash for a tray filled with ice cubes.

"Be careful with those rolls, They're spicy..."

Lineron smirked at him then started chuckling. "Well its a good thing im already dead then. I think it is time to get more information about this little.....expedition. Shall we?" Lineron sat down placed his elbows on the table while waiting for Alviira to start. Daenith sat down at the table and started pouring herself a cup of tea.
"So Alviira, shall we get to business?"
Kialla glanced about the room when she entered, just as Alviira mentioned the Explorer's League. There was no doubt this was the elf that Buenor had mentioned in his letter. Despite the old dwarf's interest in this expedition, Kialla wasn't exactly feeling comfortable with the surrounding company. All of them save for one or two seemed like rather shady individuals. The 'Reliquary' that Alviira named remained a mystery to her as well, the name proving unfamiliar to the draenei. Perhaps it would be revealed in time... not that it really mattered anyhow.

Moving to the end of the table closest her, Kialla grabbed a couple of the cookies from the tray, glancing at them curiously before biting into one. It was surprisingly soft, and was actually quite tasty with an excellent mix of nuts and raisins.

"I do hope you are well, my dear? Are you hurt from your fall?"

Kialla paused as the words were directed to her, and turned to face Alviira. Had fallen off her chair in her sleep really caused that much attention? Surely they had seen it happen at least once in their lifetime! She nodded, and waved her hand dismissively at the question as she swallowed the rather scrumptious baked goody. Stepping forward, the draenei reached over and carefully handed the bloodelf the yellowed envelope she'd retrieved just earlier. The rough scarring that marred the skin on her hand would be quite visible to the elf as she did so.

Inside was a simple letter, scrawled in rigid handwriting which Kialla had read a thousand times, to the point the paper was creased and flaking with age and wear, despite having forever memorized the words written... the last words she would ever have from her faithful and devout brother.

~Forgive the irregularity of my sister. A harsh fate was forced upon her by thos who followed Blackhand and nearly took her life. It was by the will of the Light swayed by the faithful prayers of a devoted priest that she has recovered from it. However, her voice has been forever lost to this world despite our efforts. Though she cannot any longer summon the powers bestowed by the Light, nor sing the songs of our diminishing race, she is no less tenacious than she was in years past. She is as firm and strong as any other veteran. She will serve you well.
Taking the creased and obviously treasured letter from the draenei, Alviira read it through. It was written in common so she had no difficulty understanding it. Looking up she nodded to the warrior who towered above her. "I am sorry for the loss of your voice. I am sure you have learned to make do. Please be seated and relax. I am not sure if we will have any others. But this is a good enough place to start."

She handed the note back to the draenei and walked back to the map. "This map is what I have been given by the primary surveyors of the land who were kind enough to provide it to me. As you can see it is not a lot of detail. I asked for as little writing on it as possible for a reason. This is where we are, a fairly central location in Pandaria. It is also home to one of the August Celestials who are revered by the Pandaren." she placed a red tipped pin on the map at their location.

Turning to face them she looked over the small group and smiled. "This is a monumental task, we are seeking to educate the people of Azeroth on the continent of Pandaria and the mystery of its past. In order to do this we must explore and catalog all we find. Including the many races, plant life and animals we find. This will not be easy. We will have to rely on each other to be safe, we will have to assure the factions are not upset by our explorations and lastly...we must put aside any faction prejudice in order to compile this into a form we can distribute to both sides. We are not seeking military information, we are not looking at troop movements. It is an altruistic view not shared by many. So if you object to this and the way we will be doing it, then I suggest you leave now. Any questions? Oh yes, I will assign you into teams and send you to close locations at first while we work out a system. If you have a preference as to what you want to concentrate on let me know."

She looked around the room and waited for their conversations, she knew they would have questions. Hoping they could be smooth about it and not ruffle feathers, she sat down to sip her tea. The tray of fruit was close to her and she picked up a crisp apple and sliced it into smaller bites she could munch on.
The room was subdued and Alviira wondered if they would all leave and she might have to contract others to take their places. The Innkeeper bustled in to check the trays of food and tsked as she cleaned up the ice melting on the floor. With brisk efficiency she filled the teapots and made sure the trays were filled with fresh food. Smiling and bowing to Alviira she left the room quietly.

The tramp of boots outside the room caught Alviira's attention. This Inn was frequented by both sides and the Pandaren did not exactly approve of fighting in the neutral areas. But she knew there could be trouble. Stepping to the door she peered out and saw a fully armored Blood elf death knight and his undead companion. She watched him in curiousity for a moment and was relieved to see him look around the tavern and then nod to her briefly before strolling out. It gave her a slight bit of uneasiness, who was it and did she know him?

In the past she had seen someone watching her from a distance, but never had he come closer. She wondered who it was and why he was watching her? As long as he seemed to be merely hanging around and not harming anything, she decided he was relatively harmless.
"If you have a preference as to what you want to concentrate on let me know."

Daenith sipped her tea then set her cup down on the table. She put her elbows on the table as she looked on the map with curiosity. "My brother and I are interested in places that have high concentrations of Sha. From the information my brother has..." She glanced at him then looked back to Alviira. "Gathered, is the closest word I can come up with. There appears to be three types of Sha over in the Kun-Lai." She tapped her finger on the map where the Kun-Lai mountains would be. Lineron snickered evilly in memory.
"That Orc was fun to play with....." Daenith groaned then continued on.
"But where ever you feel is the most appropriate for me and my brother. We shall go to where we are needed." Jaktip chuckled on her shoulder then whispered something in her ear. Daenith slowly moved her head towards him with a disgusted look on her face. "Why would you.....what the fel? Why in the name of the Nether would you want to do that to a bloody Sha?!" Lineron let out a loud laugh then fist bumbed Jaktip. His ears twitched when he realized that someone was missing.
"Where is Bonereaper?" They both looked around each other and couldn't find him.
"Im sure he is fine." Daenith said in a unconcerned tone.

*Meanwhile back at the Mogu corpse*

Bonereaper was tearing into the now dead Mogu his master had killed and was actually enjoying the taste of it. " with...." He tore off another chunk of flesh with his claw before he realized something. His master and Daenith were gone. "" Just then he heard a rustling in the bushes and growled at them. What came out was.....a beaver? Bonereaper stared blankly at it for what seemed like a few minutes before he turned around. With a spear being pointed at his face.
"Wats this dookin' thing? Smells funny." Said the biggest of the Hozen that had surrounded Bonereaper. Bonereaper put on a look of disapproval at the Hozen.

*Meanwhile back at the inn*

"Yeah im sure he is fine." Lineron said patting his sister on the back.
Retrieving the small letter from Alviira, Kialla tucked it away as she proceeded to find herself a chair across the table where she could comfortably see the map that was sprawled out. She glanced about the table of food while pulling the telepathic gem out of her bag. The actual selection of delicacies was absurdly large. The late Vindicator wondered just how many this blood elf was expecting for the entourage, as the table was quite obviously lain out for a good many more than the small party that was here. She snatched an odd looking pastry from a nearby basket, glancing curiously at it. It looked innocent enough, and she took a bite, and found it a bit on the sweet side and tasted of some odd type of berry.

"There were vaults that were mogu origin, I think they're carved in the mountains here." Kialla's telepathic voice focused on Alviira as she placed a long finger on a spot near the center of the Kun'lai map. "Something of that nature would be fascinating."

She glanced over at Daenith as she stated her and her brother's interest in the sha. The thought of messing with that mysterious entity was unsettling, based on the stories she'd heard on its effect over those whom came in contact with it. She wasn't even sure HOW it worked or where it came from, just that it drove soldier and citizen alike mad enough they couldn't differentiate friend from foe. Why somebody would be so interested in risking themselves to that in a search for it was beyond reason in her eyes. But then, a single glance at Lineron clearly banished any logic she had...
Nodding thoughtfully, Alviira sipped at her tea. "I imagine we will have our fill of the Sha, but that is a mystery we need to build up to in time. I am thinking we need to completely catalog the Jade Forest before we tackle the bigger things. There are clues everywhere about this Emperor. How long ago was he alive? What kinds of clues did he leave behind? Is it all scrolls and monuments or is there a record somewhere that would give us more information? I am curious about some of the more mundane things as well. I do believe there are things as small and innocuous as the color of Jade used in the statues. Are some colors more effective than others or is it the artists choice to give depth and shape to the finished work?"

Alviira picked up a sample of the Jade she had found in the village near the Temple. "I found this on the ground in the grass around the village. Some elementals were playing with it, throwing it at those who came around and generally being nuisances. It is a pretty color, but I wonder if there is a significance in shading? Is there a reference we can check for the different colors of Jade and what properties they possess? Is there an innate magic quality to it or is it imbued with magic when the Celestials invoke their presence?"

The Innkeeper stopped nervously in the doorway and motioned to Alviira. The mage got up from her chair and went to the door, curious as to what was bothering the Pandaren. "What is it? Are there more guests arriving?"

Dee Dee smiled and handed Alviira a note, "A very handsome Elf delivered this and asked me to give it to you, he would not say who he was, but he had a very cold air to him. He was courteous, and merely said I should tell you to be cautious. There are others watching you. I do hope there is no trouble coming here, I do not like there to be trouble.." she frowned slightly, then handed Alviira a package. It was heavy and Alviira took it and set it on a clear spot on the table.

"Thank you, and be sure to tell me if he returns, I do not think he means harm. But his warning is noted." nodding and smiling to the Pandaren as she left the room.

The package was about a foot square and was sealed with tape. Alviira carefully used her small dagger to split the seal and then she opened the package. Inside was an assortment of Jade. Many colors ranging from pale lime green to a deep almost emerald green. There was even some that was orange, white and pink. Alviira gasped as she handled the fine gemstones. At the bottom of the box, cradled in a swatch of fine white silk, was a violet colored carving of a panther. A note was scripted in Thallasian with the panther, it simply read, "For your pleasure and your joy, I give you my symbol. May it bring you peace and contentment." It was unsigned.
Looking up at the rest of them, Alviira lifted a brow and then set the items back in the box. "It appears I have an admirer from afar. I wonder who it is?" The box of jade was heavy, and she decided to leave it on the table for now. Though she took out the carving and placed it in her personal pouch. Perhaps it would bring her luck...or something. A tiny smile crossed her lips as she made her way back to the seat at the end of the table next to the map.

"I would like each of you to do some exploring and bring me back anything you can find as to lore. Carvings, rubbings of text on buildings, scrolls with information, anything that gives us a clue to why Jade is so revered. Bring it back here and we shall discuss it. I myself am going into the Temple Library and see if I can find some clues. You are free to group up with whoever you would like. Please stay in the Jade forest for now, and do not hesitate to call on me if you need help or find something too large to move."
The young Sin'dorei rogue had stopped by to see his good friend, Brewmistress Kiki in the Honeydew Village inn. As he gave her a big hug he grinned smelling a fresh pie cooling, and asked for a slice of the fresh fruit pie she had baked and a cup of hot tea.

"Oh, Cyaer, I'll have you eating like a Pandaren yet," she giggled as she moved to cut him a thick wedge of the pie and set it before him. And turned to fill his cup with fresh hot barly tea.

"Kiki! This is too much, I am not a Pandaren yet!" his voice light and with a light chuckle thrown in.

The Pandaren set his cup down on the table, as she kissed his cheek, "No, not yet. Doesn't that wife of yours feed you?" she murmured under her breath.

"Kel'tira feeds me just fine, Kiki, for a Sin'dorei man, and she prefers it that way." as he set about to eating the sweet and tasty pie, sipping tea in between bites.

Kiki patted him on the shoulder gently, "I'm sure she does, Cyaer." The pretty Pandaren stood beside her close friend, and coughed softly.

Cy set his fork down, and looked up into her beautiful eyes, "What is it, Kiki, you're fidgetting too much?" He took a sip of his tea again, as he watched her.

"Cyaer, I have heard there is a meeting in the Jade Temple of peoples from your lands, and the others not of your lands looking to learn more about Pandaria. I worry...are they taking away Pandaren artifacts? Are they planning on taking sha with them to your lands. Oh, my, Cyaer, I am anxious. You said that the peoples do not work together, and I fear the worse." He noted that she was indeed worked up, and he placed a hand on her arm.

"Shhh, Kiki, don't let it fret you any, I'll look into it, my friend. And I will let you know what I find out, alright?" The Pandaren looked down at him, and nodded quickly. "You're a good friend, Cy, thank you for doing this for me...and the village. The elders were wondering what to make of it."

"The elders, eh?", Cyaer chuckled lightly, "You sneaky little thing. I'll seek answers to allay all your concerns, Kiki." The Pandaren hugged him close, he felt sufficated in her bosom. And he fought for breath, as he tried to stand. He kissed her cheek, and watched her blush, as he stepped out of the inn.

"The Jade Temple, hmm?" he thought as he called forth his Pandaren mount. "Why there?" And he jumped into the sky and made his way towards the Temple grounds.

Cyaer circled the Jade Temple area, and slowly spiralled down on his Imperial Quilen, to lightly land outside the inn. He patted the strange beast, and sent him off to wait, listening to its deep growl as it flew off.

The young lord swept his hands over his leather armor, and straightened himself as he stepped into the inn. He remembered being here some time ago, and he smiled as he noted that it was far busier today than it had been back then. He noticed several Alliance folk seated at the tables eating, and drinking, and he tipped his head in their direction to acknowedge their presence. And he went to sit for a moment at the bar, looking around, and spying a larger group of folks in the larger conference room, and waiting for the innkeeper.

She was duly flustered, and apologized for the delay in service, he shook his head, and smiled, "Tea, please." As she poured the tea before him into a cup, he asked her if she knew about a meeting occurring here abouts. The innkeeper looked him over, tilted her head at him, and then nodded towards the conference. He thanked her with a smile and several gold pieces.

He strolled his way over towards the door, and stood inside the door way, sipping his tea, and listening carefully. A nice looking Sin'dorei was speaking ~

"I would like each of you to do some exploring and bring me back anything you can find as to lore. Carvings, rubbings of text on buildings, scrolls with information, anything that gives us a clue to why Jade is so revered. Bring it back here and we shall discuss it. I myself am going into the Temple Library and see if I can find some clues. You are free to group up with whoever you would like. Please stay in the Jade forest for now, and do not hesitate to call on me if you need help or find something too large to move."

As he sipped his tea, and listened, he noticed that there was a mix of the Horde and Alliance folks, not that it mattered to him, his alliance was to the Pandarens and their culture, and he grinned as he watched the woman speaking, she seemed intelligent and articulate.

His eyes caught a look at the map, and he began to wonder what exactly they were planning. He would wait and speak when he had the chance. He sipped the hot brewed tea, and remained leaning against the wall, listening.

The room was large enough to have about ten people in it comfortably. The doorway was wide and open to allow those who were there to move freely in and out. Alviira noted the fine looking Sindorei at the doorway and smiled at him. Her teal eyes sparkled with warmth and intelligence. "Hello there! Have you come to join us in our peaceful Expedition? Please come in and sit. I am Alviira Silverhawk. This is purely a scientific exploration, we are gathering information that is mostly educational for the people of Azeroth. We know so little about this continent, since it was hidden for so long."

The box of jade still sat on the table, full of polished jade of many colors. There was still plenty of food and the innkeeper, Dee Dee kept coming in to refresh everything. "There are carafes of tea and plenty of food. Did you have a question?" her smile was warm and genuine.

Alviira knew that it appeared rather odd to have both Alliance and Horde working together, but it had been done before. The Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring being more nature and elemental in concern, while the Argent Crusade was bent on destroying Arthas, which they accomplished. Now that things were heating up with the war it was harder for peace loving folk to get any work done that was beneficial to the whole of Azeroth. But it was not only possible, it was necessary. She felt that education would bring the smarter people to the understanding it was important for all people to cooperate and keep the world safe.
Cyaer smiled and thought that with a voice like that, and those eyes, this Alvirra was someone he would like to get to know, strictly on a friendly basis, as he was happily married. But she intrigued him and stirred his curiosity as he slipped quietly in to a chair that was available.

He stood up and spoke to the entire room, and tried to look all who would allow it in eyes. His voice was soft and low, as he spoke in the common language, his use of it was very good, however there was a distinct accent to the words as he spoke, "I am Cyaer Sunblaze, and I came for myself as well as for friends and neighbors in Honeydew Village to see what you may be doing. When Alliance and Horde get together to do something, it brings questions. And I am glad to hear that this exploration is for all of Azeroth, not for one region or the other."

Cyaer continues for just a moment longer, "I am Sin'dorei, or a blood elf, if you may, but my heart and soul is here in Pandaria. It has enchanted me since I have come here, and I seek knowledge for myself concerning her history, and her culture. I for one would be very honored to be able to help contribute to this expedition, and sharing what we find to all of Azeroth."

He gracefully sits back down in the comfortable chair, and sips from his cup of tea, savoring the flavor, looking over the edge of the cup towards this leader of the expedition, his eyes warm and curious.
Lineron raised a eyebrow to Cyaer when he entered. 'Enjoys being dramatic doesn't he?' He thought. Daenith simply gave him a bored expression then sipped her tea. "Welcome to the club, Cyaer. Don't eat the rolls, apparently there spicy. I can't feel it though, you know because of the whole being dead thing." Daenith groaned at her brother then sat up from the table.
"If you wish us to stay in the Jade Forest, very well. My brother and I shall go North." She pointed to the area between the 'Tian Monastery' and Dawn's Blossom. "When we arrived we heard some rumors of some 'Jade Monk' who lives there. Apparently he can manipulate Jade to become living beings. Must be of some importance yes?" She ended with a evil smirk on her face. Lineron rubbed his beard while he pondered for a moment.

"Making jade into living beings is actually fairly useful. If there any smarter than ghouls I would love some servants made of the shadows, I can literally feel Bones glaring at me." Daenith rolled her eyes then started walking out the door of the inn. "Well I suppose that means I have to get going." Lineron stood up from his seat then gave a slight bow to Alviira. "If any of you wish to join me and my sister then you may come along. And if you don't then I ask you all to keep a eye out for my ghoul, Bonereaper. Just tell him I sent you and he will listion. And if he gets uppity then just yell 'pecking order' and that will certainly shut him up." He turned toward Erani with a smirk and blew her a kiss then spoke in Thalassian. "Good bye my dear, and may the eternal shadow guide you." With that he turned around and walked out the door to join his sister. Daenith had summoned her Felsteed and was sat on top of it.

"Let's get going. I would prefer to be there by nightfall." Lineron chuckled at his sisters impatience then summoned his Deathcharger, Suffering and hopped on to his saddle. "Ride on stallion of libertay!" Lineron cried out, hoping to make his horse charge forth. Suffering rolled his eyes then started trotting forth slowly. "Your no fun, Suffering. And to think I killed your parents then killed kidnapped you and forced you into a servitude of undeath." Suffering moved his head back so one of his eyes could glare at him. "It was worth it. Admit it." Suffering groaned in annoyance then continued to trot on.

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