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Starting professions over again can be a BEAR. It's worth it for me though, and after reviewing what each can offer, it looks like engineering is going to give the highest dps increase. My real question lies in picking the second profession. It sounds like a dumb question, but has any rogue EVER picked up tailoring? I've been a lock since BC and that cloak thread really did help with dps numbers, so why wouldn't the same go for a rogue? If the 4000 agility for almost an entire boss fight isn't worth it, then what profession is?
No one has any suggestions or rebuttles against the tailoring buff?
The proc doesn't give you 4k Agi for the whole boss fight ._.

If you can match it to your CDs then you're golden, otherwise it's a bit meeeeh.
all bonuses to stats from crafting professions average out to the same amount of Agi over the course of a fight.

It's pretty much all your choice.

EDIT: Left out the fact that the only professions with agi bonuses are the crafting ones, so Enchanting, Leatherwork, Engi, Tailoring, Blacksmithing (Extra socket in Gloves and Bracers, will usually become best prof when Epic gems come out due to being able to double up on them), and JCing (After epic gems come out, JCing indirectly becomes less valuable if you're able to fully gem the epic quality ones).
Eng / Alchy if you are trying to max your badass level.

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