Forgotten Depths (LFR #2) Guide & Cheat Sheet

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Cheat sheet: TORTOS (Boss 1/3)
1. MT on boss
2. OT picks up bats (fast!)

1. Ranged: mark a turtle and burn
2. AOE the bats ASAP
3. Kick turtle when boss reaches 100 rage

1. Spam heals on OT when he has bats

1. Move from blue circles
2. Don't touch turtles while they're spinning
3. Stun bats to take less damage

Cheat sheet: MEGAERA (Boss 2/3)
1. Face boss away from raid
2. Taunt swap when head dies to reset stacks

1. Focus down one head at a time
2. Save lust for head 8-9

1. Stack for heals if 3 heads are up
2. Save cooldowns for 7-9 heads

1. Move from green circles
2. Run from raid w/ [Cinder] + dispel!
3. Kite ice beam into fire circles
4. Don't stand in blue clouds

Cheat sheet: JI-KUN (Boss 3/3)
1. Taunt swap for [Talon Rake]

1. Move from void zones
2. Intercept globs if at all possible
3. Stack during [Quills] for healz
4. Spread 8 yards from each other
5. Run to boss for wind attack

1. Burn eggs on 3 mini-platforms
when the light beam appears
Update #1 fixed typo
Update #2 another typo
Thank you!!!
Do this for all current raids please. Nice and minimal.
Thank you very much for the tips, DangerDolan.

With Megaera's heads, we went Green, Red, Green, Red in that pattern and it worked smoothly.

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