Rate The Transmog Above You!!!!!

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Here I am to save the day.
Set looks good
Ide say 10/10
If it was on human woulda been 0/10 :P
If it was on human woulda been 0/10 :P

Humans are boring :)
Looks good Tatiana.
Mine's not done yet, i still need a weapon. Damn raid lockouts.
still missing my gloves and chest but working on them

ark 9/10

Looks good so far! 9/10

Good luck on the gloves/chest!

Looks good so far! 9/10

Good luck on the gloves/chest!


I don't think the weapon matches with the set but the rest looks very "space-goaty"
waka waka


btw my crossbow has a fire effect, matches the set sadly armory no show it
Roll eyes
The colors on my shoulders and boots don't really match up with the rest but I can't do anything about that unless i'm a shaman. D:
@Ayumiqt...ur Transmog looks awesome. kinda like somekind of mercenary. 10/10
@Beaverhausen ur shoulders bro... everything else looks cool. 8/10
I like the armor and helm! The bow could go with the set a little better 8/10
I have always liked that PvE hunter set. 9/10, I also really like the weapon.
i love that bow 8/10
@Gunjamma 10/10

My wife has nearly that exact same set on her hunter:)

Mine mostly consists of Shaman gear from a vendor in Shattrath, and I was fortunate enough to scrape the helm and belt from the AH. I got the bow from a really nice random person in Stormwind who saw my set and thought it would look good.
San, give ya a 8/10. could easily be a 10/10 if not for that tabard, and that mog would look amazing on a worgan.

in the process of switching out some of mine. still looks decent tho.
8/10, you look like a sexy forest elf.

Is there any way to change the armory pose? I think mine looks dumb :(
6/10 helm doesn't go too well with the rest of the set

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