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4.5/10. Nothing really matches with your set up. The wep is only really good if your going with a steampunk style mog but thats just me

4.5? pretty low.. The colors(red,yellow,black) match up well. I didn't want to go for a "set" look.
The gun matches the color scheme. If we could change the dang pose of our profile then, the look would stand out more.

Very nice 9/10 love the matching colors, etc.

Side Note: I'm still trying to get a bow to match my setup :c
@ Kurve: Not liking the hat, but the rest is nice. 8/10
Ignore the boots, I haven't found a decent pair yet.
Probably my first time ever posting on the WoW forums
@Aradyne - 7/10
I always wanted to do a simple set that looks like vanilla greens. Have one banked for pvp so people think I'm a scrub :). More points for taking the time to gather that while leveling
10/10 mainly because its my favorite set and what I'm currently working on
8/10 cuz you look like a rainbow lol

Not bad, I like the look you're going for, though there are a couple of things here and there that don't quite match. 7.5/10
@Sogekingu, 8.5/10 I like how your tabard works in with the color scheme of that set and i bet it looks pretty cool with the crown of flame.

Still looking for a better matching bow for mine (maybe zods?) and waiting for a chest drop still :\
Nice get up 9/10
@Sevrance 10/10 I love matching and the green is really pretty.

Ok so I'm a transmogaholic(yes made up word) got tired of doing my pally/mage/druid so I rolled a hunter just to have more to transmog.

Would love some advice from anyone about my shoulders with the set I have now, I'm just not sure about them and am wondering if The Wavemender's Mantle or the scorpid-sting mantle would look better.

Thanks for any ratings :)
@ Vita.

9.5 out of 10. I have to say I enjoy the look of your hunter. But as you said before your mog is missing the shoulders that it needs thus the .5 off. I however cant help you with that but if i ever do find something that could help you out ill send it your way. Also a good place to look might be icy vain with there item viwer. Should be able to see every modle of mail shoulders there.

Can't go wrong with full Challenge mode armor. Also like the matching gun. 10/10
@Nightfall 8/10 very nice matching set

Once I get the shoulders to drop I'll be rocking that set, love it. 9/10
plz rate me before I go to bed, and say nice things to me :D

@Leiva, I love that tier of gear obviously. And it's a good style bow. :D
plz rate me before I go to bed, and say nice things to me :D

@Leiva, I love that tier of gear obviously. And it's a good style bow. :D


The bow doesn't suit a Male Worgen (more of a belf thing brah!)
I'd rather your set include a helm.
But that's just my opinion. I on the other hand, I have just decided on the look I'm going for, so I will post back when I have more to show.
7/10 looks good but the boots don't look like it matches at all
your armory pose sucks. from what i can tell, it matches up pretty nice. 8/10

trying to go for a gilneas feel for my mog. if anyone has any suggestions, i'd like to hear them.

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