Rate The Transmog Above You!!!!!

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always loves green sets for hunters.
10/10 from me @rambo


It looks pretty good, but falls a little short. Maybe it's the brown.
mog 10/10

@kiblz.. 9/10 i like it
@Hunters 10/10 , hey sexy wanna date?
9/10, pimp hat outta place
yogi, 7\10 - could use a diff tabard. maybe the exalted AB one?

really wanna give 10\10 to Pene, that is damn awesome. Im gonna try to get that next
7/10 Really common set for hunters.

Mine is pretty traditional.
I love tier 2 gratz mate 8/10
Just because the last person ignored me..... Maybe I should have taken that as a stealth/10?
Cheers soge! Tier 1 always has its place and looks awesome, the weapon suits heaps.. Any recommendation for helm mate or turn it off?? 9/10 sentimental value


If you haven't already done the quest to get it, Swamp Skull Cap might look good with your set.

Steamworker's Goggles may also look good with your set as well.
@ Raveneyes
9/10 cool set man grats on getting wolfslayer thats a badass gat!

For some reason my belt doesn't show up correctly. it's supposed to be a big yellow thundercat eye
I don't believe I am looking at a transmog set... I will give you a 8/10 on weapon choice, though. I have always like that bow a good bit, but never found a set to match it up with.

My set is somewhat simple. I like it cause it goes good with my character's hair color/style AND it lets me use my snake bow. :)
@ Sogekingu 9/10 .. i like it

@ Rastorok, i love the bone look gear with the bone look bow on a undead GJ :) .. a big 10/10
@Hunters 10/10 Very nice and the tabard matches, which isn't always easy.
I always liked the big shoulders on a Worgen...but your gear is a little to all over the place for my taste..... 4/10

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